Where and How to Buy Hydra Crypto 

This article will walk you through the steps in detail on how to buy HYDRA crypto and how to stake HYDRA crypto.

HYDRA was first tradable on 12th January 2021, and it has a total supply of unknown. The current price of the HYDRA coin is $33.67 and is ranked 2551 on the Coinmarketcap, and it has recently surged 37.35 percent at the time of writing.

Hydra Crypto
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List of Exchanges to Buy Hydra Crypto

Below are the top cryptocurrency exchanges for trading HYDRA coin currently:

  • KuCoin,
  • Gate.io,
  • HitBTC,
  • MEXC,
  • FMFW.io.

How to Buy Hydra on Kucoin

Some cryptocurrencies are more complex to buy than others. HYDRA coin is one of them. HYDRA is not available on the Coinbase app or Coinbase Wallet.

But we have provided some hints to aid you in finding a way to buy HYDRA Coin that works for you.

  • Go to CoinMarketCap to see where you can purchase the Hydra coin and with which currencies.

Go to CoinMarketCap and search for HYDRA coin. Tap on the “Market” button near the price chart. You will see the complete list of places to buy HYDRA and the currencies you can use to buy it. Under the “Pairs,” you will see the shorthand for Hydra coin, HYDRA, plus the second currency. The second currency is what you will need to purchase Hydra. If you want to buy HYDRA with the U.S. Dollar, look for HYDRA/USD.

  • Pick a platform to make your purchase(kucoin)

All platforms have different levels of security, reliability, and liquidity. Before creating an account, ensure to carry out research.

  • Buy from your chosen platform(Kucoin)

Purchasing crypto with any fiat currency like the U.S. Dollar is easier than purchasing it with another crypto.

Search for HYDRA/USDT on KuCoin to buy and sell hydra coins.

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 How to Stake a Hydra 

  • Download Hydra Wallet

Always check for the latest version.

  • Encrypting the Wallet

It is essential to set a very strong and secure password and store it somewhere safe such as writing it down on paper and placed in a secure location.

Startup the HYDRA wallet from the start menu shortcut. Click on the ‘Settings’ at the top and select the ‘Encrypt wallet.’

Enter your password twice to confirm it, then click ‘OK.’ You will be prompted to ensure you have noted down your passphrase and verify that you wish to encrypt. Click yes to proceed.

The software will take some moments to encrypt the wallet, and it will then notify you that to complete the process, it has to close the application. Click ‘OK’ to close and then complete the process.

You will now reopen the HYDRA wallet to start up the wallet in encrypted mode. Your password will be needed for performing wallet functions like enabling staking, sending out funds, or importing/exporting private keys.

  • Importing the Private Key

Once you have re-initialized the HYDRA wallet, you can import private key(s). This is the key you have created previously using the Web wallet; if you wish to begin afresh instead and use one of the addresses generated automatically by default in the HYDRA wallet, you can skip to Step 4.

  • HYDRA Web Wallet

Navigate to the ‘Help’ above and click the ‘Information window.’ make sure the ‘Console’ above is selected in the new window that opens. Select

  • Information window
  • Console: import private key. Firstly, you will need to unlock the wallet by entering your passphrase. The command to unlock the wallet from the console for about three minutes is: walletpassphrase “yourpassphrase” 180
  • The null result shows the password has been accepted.

You will see a response that shows ‘null,’ which shows that your password has been accepted. You now have 3 minutes to import your private key before it locks again.

If you wish to extend the period that the wallet is unlocked, you can increase the time in seconds by setting 180 to a higher number.

  •  The command to import your private key is: importprivkey “yourprivatekey”
  •  Wallet rescans

After entering your key and pressing the enter button, the wallet will rescan. You can confirm that your key has been successfully imported with another ‘null’ message. You can now close this console window.

  • Confirm Your Address

Navigate to the ‘Receive’ tab above and click on the ‘CHANGE DEFAULT ADDRESS’ to confirm your new imported address is displayed.

It should match the address you have created if you imported it from the Web wallet. You can then select your address and click the ‘Choose’ button.

  • Backing Up the Wallet

You will now backup your encrypted wallet. Click on the ‘File’ above and then click on ‘Backup wallet’:

You can now save the wallet.dat: store your wallet in a secure place, such as an encrypted USB flash drive.

  •  Adding Funds

If you have not added funds to the wallet, you can add them safely by sending HYDRA crypto and LOC tokens to the address belonging to the private key.

This address will be what you will use when withdrawing funds from the exchange when receiving funds, and this can also be the address you can use to register for airdrops.

  •  Enable Staking

After you have added HYDRA crypto to your wallet, the final step is to navigate to the ‘Stake’ tab and ensure the switch is to the right side to enable staking.

You will need to activate staking and re-enter your password each time you start the software.

To ensure a full staking reward, ensure that the wallet is online and running. Otherwise, you would miss out on staking rewards.

Once staking works perfectly and you have mature coins, the lightning in the ‘shield’ icon will turn white.

You can hover your mouse around the ‘shield’ to see your Network weight and the period expected to earn rewards.

One of the best parts of HYDRA crypto Staking is that there is added security when encrypting the desktop wallet. Some of the drawbacks are that users may find native staking a bit complex for their entry point.

Let’s have your view on the HYDRA crypto stalking in the comment section below.

Watch the video below to know where and how to buy HYDRA crypto:

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