How to Claim Airdrop on PinkSale

This article will discuss how to claim airdrop on PinkSale. PinkSale is a protocol that seeks to enable users with the ability to create and launch their token for sale.

The platform allows quick and easy steps to create and launch your crypto assets.

How to Claim Airdrop on PinkSale
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How to Use PinkSale

Investors and traders can use the PinkSale to purchase a presale on diverse crypto assets. To engage in this presale, one can gain further guidance using YouTube.

• Head to the PinkSale platform using

• One can purchase from the presales statuses such as Upcoming, Live Sale, and Sale Ended. But to buy a presale, you would need to use the “Live Sale” option, which is the best suited. Pick your asset and then click on “View Pool.”

• Once you click on ” View Pool,” you will get information relating to the presale. Ensure to check before making any purchase rigorously.

• To purchase this presale enter the amount of BNB or other supported asset depending on the pool. The amount of the presale you intend to buy will be calculated, and you can then click on “Buy.”

• MetaMask will request that you confirm the transaction. It would further reveal the fees you would need to pay for the transaction to be completed. After agreeing to the terms, click on ” Confirm” to finalize the transaction.

• After making the purchase, you will see the reflected transaction on the “Amount” and “Purchase” sections.

Is PinkSale Finance Legit?

PinkSale Finance is considered a safe and secured platform where investors and traders can invest in crypto-related projects.

The platform is one of the best for giving one independence in creating and launching your tokens.

However, despite the news about its safety and security, it is still worth the time to research and make findings before engaging in any dealings on the platform.

How to Qualify for PinkSale Airdrop

Investors and traders interested in the PinkSale airdrop must be willing to provide the needed requirements and hold a reasonable amount of the airdrop asset.

To stand a chance and qualify to receive these airdrop, you must be an active user of the PinkSale platform and a holder of the PinkSale tokens in your crypto wallet.

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How to Claim Airdrop on PinkSale

Investors and traders who intend on claiming their airdrops on PinkSale can consider these steps to redeem their airdrops.

• Go to the PinkSale Website

The first step in claiming airdrop on the PinkSale is to head down to the PinkSale official website, which is Once you are on the home page and logged in, go to my airdrops and click on view airdrop to see the list of airdrops you joined.

• Check for the Claimable Tokens

After viewing the list of airdrops, you joined, you need to check for the currently active ones and available to claim or redeem the airdrop.

• Confirm your Transactions

MetaMask or any other wallet of your choice will demand that you confirm the transaction you just made, and it will reveal the fees you would be required to pay for the transaction to go smoothly.

Once you are comfortable and agree to the terms provided, click on the “Confirm” option to complete the process.

Claiming airdrop on PinkSale is another excellent opportunity for investors and traders to earn.

The airdrop generates sales, and with these increased sales and acceptance, the more you stand a chance to gain if you purchase, hold and claim on time.

We hope this article will enable you to participate and claim your airdrops. Kindly visit our comment section for your views and opinions.

Watch the video below to learn how to claim Airdrop on PinkSale:

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How to Claim Airdrop on PinkSale
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