How To Bridge ETH to Arbitrum- An Easy Step by Step Guide

The major highlight of this article is to show you how to bridge ETH to Arbitrum in a few minutes, and also how to connect to arbitrum etc.

Arbitrum was designed by Off-chain Labs and is considered a layer two solution for Ethereum Dapps.

It was designed to improve the limitations of the Ethereum network. Arbitrum offers a high throughput and low-cost fees transactions, and it also maintains high-security standards.

This platform is backed up by a world-class team of engineers, researchers, and Ethereum enthusiasts. If you are looking for how to bridge eth to arbitrum, then this article is for you.

how to bridge eth to arbitrum
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What is Arbitrum?

Arbitrum is one of the most known Ethereum scaling solutions; Arbitrum bridge aims to speed up transaction times and cuts fees on the Ethereum blockchain. It was built to improve the limitations of the Ethereum network.

How Long Does it Take to Bridge ETH to Arbitrum?

The process of bridging eth to arbitrum is expected to be within 10 minutes to an hour, depending on congestion.

What do you Use Arbitrum for?

Arbitrum is a scaling solution used by Ethereum users to complete their transactions. Arbitrum is very cheap and quick to use, and it also relays all transaction information back to the main Ethereum blockchain.

How to Connect to Arbitrum

Below is how you can connect to Arbitrum Automatically

  • Connecting your wallet to the Arbitrum network is by visiting the Arbitrum Bridge.
  • Click on the Add L2 Network in the top right corner and confirm it in your wallet.
  • Then your wallet will now be connected to the Arbitrum network.

Below is How to Connect to Arbitrum Manually

Follow the steps below to connect to arbitrum manually:

  • Visit Uniswap
  • Click on the Connect Wallet to connect your wallet to Ethereum
  • Open MetaMask after you must have installed it
  • Click on the network name at the window top.
  • Click on the Custom RPC button at the bottom of the network list.
  • Enter the following network details below.
  • Network-Name: Arbitrum Mainnet
  • New RPC-URL:
  • Chain-Id: 42161
  • Currency-Symbol: ETH
  • Block Explorer URL:
  • Finally, click save, and you will be connected to the network.

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How to Bridge ETH to Arbitrum

This is a step-by-step guide on how to bridge eth to arbitrum:

  • Open the Arbitrum Bridge and click on Login to connect your wallet. If you do not have your Metamask installed yet, install it first.
  • You will then be connected to Ethereum L1 Mainnet.
  • Next, you will enter the amount of ETH you want to deposit from Layer 1 to Arbitrum Layer 2. If you want to deposit an ERC-20 token instead, you will have to click on the ERC-20 tab and enter the L1 token contract address and the amount you want to deposit. You can get the L1 token address by searching popular sites like Then click on the Deposit button.
  • Next, Confirm the transaction in your wallet. Note that this is a Layer one transaction, so there will be average gas fees. After this one-time deposit, you will start experiencing lower gas fees on Arbitrum.
  • Once the transaction is confirmed, your funds will be available on Arbitrum L2 within minutes. You will see it at the bottom of the screen.

To know how to bridge eth to arbitrum, kindly follow the abovementioned steps.

How do you Swap Tokens on Arbitrum Using the Uniswap Protocol?

Tokens can be swapped on arbitrum by using the Uniswap protocol; follow the steps outlined below:

  • Choose the tokens you wish to swap.
  • Review the stated price after you must have entered the desired input or output amount. If this is your first time trading such a token on Arbitrum using the Uniswap protocol, you must approve the token first (a one-time action).
  • Next, review your quoted price, route, and slippage after submitting.
  • Next, click confirm swap and wait for some seconds for the Arbitrum network to verify your exchange. You may check your transaction at after submitting it; you can also check the final token amounts and gas fees.

Arbitrum offers an instant swap at a low transaction fee than that Ethereum.

Arbitrum does not have a native token currently. Users pay rollups transactions via ETHER (ETH). And there is no current information about an upcoming native arbitrum token, even from the creators of the arbitrum project “Off-chain Labs.”

Let’s have your view and opinion on how to bridge eth to arbitrum in the comment section.  Kindly share your experience with us.

Watch the video below to learn how to bridge ETH to Arbitrum:

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