Hennessy Partners with Friends With Benefit for the “Café 11” NFT Drop

Key Takeaways

  • Hennessy partners with Friends With Benefits FWB to launch a new project in the NFT space called “Café 11.”
  • The cognac firm’s CEO Laurent Boillot has said that the project is directed towards culture, community building and high curiosity.
  • Head of Partnerships at FWB, Gabe Quintela, has also voiced the excitement of the social network in its new partnership with the prestigious cognac brand.

Hennessy is the most recent luxury brand to announce its ambitions to mint an NFT. Luxury companies continue to make a move for the metaverse.

Café 11
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The cognac company collaborated with the decentralized autonomous Friends With Benefits organization to develop Café 11, a fancy web3 social club.

NFTs, which will be issued on November 4 and sold for $450 each token, can be purchased to access the club. 1,765 NFTs designed by John P. Dessereau will be made available as a tribute to the founding year of Hennessy.

Token holders will be able to enter an immersive event which begins on December 1 in Miami during Art Basel and spans from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. The event will feature tastings, displays, live music, and other experiences.

In addition, Café 11 will have a physical presence modelled after the cafes of Paris in the 1920s. According to Hennessy’s CEO Laurent Boillot, Café 11 would be about “curiosity, community, and culture.”

The straightforward concept of Café 11 appeals to Boillot. The “eleven” in Café 11 relates to the cognac maker’s daily tastings at 11 a.m., during which Hennessy’s team tastes the Eaux de vie that, with proper age and a lot of patience, become cognac. Boillot says, “11 a.m. is a sacred time.” “Then there was this idea of Paris and cafés. There is this energy and this vibration in the café where people are meeting, discussing and inventing the world.”

Gabe Quintela, Head of Partnerships at Friends With Benefits, says, “It’s pretty amazing that a group of 3,500 internet friends get to collaborate with a brand of this calibre.”

He continued, “In a lot of ways, FWB is a new social network. We are building new forms of connections that value intimacy over scale, that governs and sustains itself, and that can blur this line between digital and physical experiences.”

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Four concepts—education, entertainment, usefulness, and collaboration—that Boillot first adapted from Google’s advocates have been the foundation of its successful engagement programs for many years.

“Web3 is just another way to have this engagement, probably with stronger possibilities,” according to Boillot. Café 11 will incorporate all four facets of interaction, from exclusive events to brand messages. (Although specifics have yet to be released, other events and offers will follow after the December 1 party.

Nevertheless, there was considerable early resistance to the idea, even within the company. There was concern that the brand value of Hennessy, which was founded in 1765 and is only a few years older than America itself, might be affected. Boillot states, “We can have some moments of experimentation and learning, and for sure, mistakes.”

He also added, “But the one thing I want to avoid is to damage the Hennessy brand. That’s something I’m always asking myself: Is that right for the equity of Hennessy?”

Final Thoughts

The Hennessy brand has joined the movement as blockchain, and Web 3 technology continues to revolutionize how firms and luxury brands do business. This only signifies how much the blockchain industry impacts every sector of global business and its constant growth among users from all facets of society.

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