HealthFi Airdrop: CLAIM 300,000 HEFI Tokens Now

If you want to learn how to claim FREE 300,000 HEFI tokens, this post will guide you on the process required to get the HealthFi airdrop that’s currently ongoing.

The HealthFi is a Web3 Lifestyle software that includes Health-Fi, Social-Fi, and Game-Fi components.

Users bought Jump Ropes, Sneakers, Smart Watches, Bikes, and other NFTs on the Marketplace to jump, run, stroll, and ride outside to earn FIT, improving and breaching new NFTs.

Held users’ FIT profits in the in-app Wallet, which includes a built-in Swap feature to Decentralized Exchanges such as PancakeSwap, and players may opt to lease or sell their NFTs on the in-app Marketplace.

The HealthFi ecosystem is made up of two (2) separate Tokens: “HeFi” and “FiT.” HealthFi aims to be the premier health and financial web3 application.

HealthFi Airdrop

HeFi coin is a governing token used for customization fees, voting, and other purposes. There are 100 million HeFi tokens in total supply.

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The FiT token is a utility token that may use to LEVEL UP, BOOST MYSTERY BOXES, etc. 

The total quantity of FiT tokens is limitless.

The HealthFi ecosystem offers a variety of opportunities for users to make money by utilizing current Web3 fitness applications such as;

  • Earn money by jumping.
  • To earn, you must run.
  • To earn, fill in the circle.


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The HealthFi additionally takes advantage of the NFTs sphere by allowing users to leap and get unique things in NFTs.

What is HealthFi?

Tracking-Fi and Game-Fi features created HealthFi, a Web3 fitness application. HealthFi is designed to help most people begin living healthier lifestyles by taking one easy step: exercising. 

Users who execute easy airdrop missions will receive a total of 300,000 HEFI.

How to Claim HealthFi Airdrop

  • Visit the HealthFi airdrop page for more info.
  • Kindly fill out the form below and sign up.
  • Now you may earn entries by doing easy chores.
  • Additionally, each referral will win you extra entries.
  • A total of 300,000 HEFI will be shared among the top 10,000 contestants with the most submissions.
  • Each of the top ten contestants will get an NFT.
  • After the airdrop has ended, the awards will be given 14 days later.


HealthFi is a Web3 fitness app that combines components from Tracking-Fi and Game-Fi.

HealthFi is designed to help most people start living healthier lifestyles by doing one simple action: working exercise. They are the first initiative to incorporate all sports models into a single app with a blockchain integration approach.

Make sure to follow the step-by-step instructions for receiving the HealthFi Airdrop and also browse the page daily to complete tasks and increase your chances of becoming one of the 10,000 people chosen at random to win the airdrop.

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