HCMC Stock Forecast For 2023, 2025 – 2030

I will discuss the HCMC Stock Forecast for the years 2023, 2024, 2025, and 2030. The price predictions in this article are based on the best available information.

HCMC burst into the public eye in 2021 when retail investors, led by the social media message board Reddit, began investing money into the stock. This page investigates what experts believe the price and value will be in the coming years.

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HCMC Stock Forecast

What is HCMC?

Healthier alternatives Management Corp. is a thriving company. The company is focused on providing its customers with vitamins and other lifestyle options. It operates in two divisions: natural and organic retail shops (Grocery) and vapour merchandise (Vapor).

It operates Ada’s herbal market, a natural and organic grocery save, via its wholly owned subsidiary wholesome desire Markets, Inc., and Paradise fitness and nutrition, stores that provide sparkling produce, bulk meals, nutrients and supplements, packaged groceries, meat and seafood, deli, baked goods, dairy merchandise, frozen ingredients, fitness & beauty merchandise, and herbal household items via its wholly owned subsidiary wholesome desire Markets 2, LLC.

In addition, the company sells vitamins and dietary supplements. It also sells its Q-Cup technology, which is entirely based on a small quartz cup known as the Q-Cup, which a purchaser can purchase already stuffed by a third party in some areas or can partially fill themselves with both marijuana and CBD listen.

HCMC Stock Forecast 

The HCMC stock forecast for the coming years is provided below. There are few reputable long-term predictions for HCMC stock, as well as few stock forecasts or price targets.

What information is available is for the next few months or a year; there are no serious projections beyond 2023.

HCMC Stock Forecast For 2023

According to some analysts, the price in 2023 will be between $0.0003 and $0.0004. The most optimistic estimate is around $0.0008.

This is contingent on it resolving its legal dispute with Phillip Morris and possibly participating in a share buyback to reduce the total number of shares available and raise the price of those remaining.

HCMC Stock Forecast For 2024

The most upbeat Healthier Choices Management Corp stock price prediction indicates that by 2024, the price will be higher than $0.001.

It should be noted that by then, there may have been significant changes to the company and its business model, making this prediction speculative.

HCMC Stock Forecast for 2025

According to the forecasts, the price will remain around $0.0002 in 2025. Although some predictions made during the stock’s bull run in 2021 had the price rising to $0.005 within five years, a lot has changed since then.

HCMC Stock Forecast 2026

Stock forecast for HCMC: in 2026, it may stay at $0.0087 at its highest and may fall to $0.0099 at its lowest.

HCMC Stock Forecast 2027

Stock forecast for HCMC: in 2027, it may rise to a maximum of $0.018 and fall to a minimum of $0.013.

HCMC Stock Forecast 2028

In 2028, the stock price for HCMC is predicted to fluctuate between $0.033 and $0.058 at the most.

HCMC Stock Forecast 2029

In 2029, the maximum stock forecast for HCMC is $0.098, and the minimum is $0.082.

HCMC Stock Forecast 2030

No forecasts have been made regarding the price of HCMC in ten years. The best chance for investors to reach the $0.001 high of 2021 is for there to be some share buybacks and a fundamental change in the outlook for the company’s business.

Best places to buy HCMC stock

An online broker is the most effective way to purchase HCMC stock. By clicking one of the links to our suggested platforms below, you can register and begin investing in just a few minutes.

#1. Pacific Union 

Pacific Union was founded in 2015 and is now one of the world’s leading online brokerages. Pacific Union allows you to trade over 200 assets, including forex, indices, commodities, stocks, and cryptocurrencies.

Traders can select from a variety of cutting-edge trading terminals. Pacific Union provides top-tier multilingual support to customers from 120 countries and territories.

#2. Trading 212 

Although Trading 212 is a global CFD broker, clients can also trade stocks and ETFs for free. The company was established and launched in 2004 and is now based in London.

The U.K. Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), the Cypriot Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC), and the Bulgarian Financial Supervision Commission all regulate Trading 212. (FSC). Trading 212 is considered safe as it is regulated by the top-tier FCA.


  • Real stocks and ETFs are commission-free
  • fast and easy account opening
  • excellent trading platforms


  • Limited product portfolio
  • High forex fees
  • USD unavailable as account currency

#3. Saxo Capital Markets

This is for experienced traders. It provides a wide range of brokerage services to sophisticated, active traders, investors, professionals, and institutions.

Smaller account holders will face a number of unusual challenges, including higher account minimums, a variety of fees, and fewer options for customer support.

Tiered accounts reduce trading costs and add benefits as equity grows, but the majority of retail traders will struggle to reach the higher customer tiers, which begin at £200,000 (Platinum) and £1,000,000 for UK-based accounts, respectively (VIP).

Saxo Capital Markets is an excellent choice. Extensive and comprehensive research facilities, an API interface, and discounted fees (high-tier accounts) could increase account profitability, but trader education is lacking, and customer service is subpar.

Saxo’s approach suggests that its business objectives are squarely focused on larger-scale and professional account holders.


  • Superior user interface
  • Offers protection for client accounts
  • Extensive range of offerings
  • Regulated by FCA (U.K.)
  • Industry’s best research


  • Lack of emphasis on customer service
  • Confusing instrument fee structures
  • Does not accept U.S. clients

What affects the HCMC stock price?

The most significant influence on the HCMC price is generated by social media platforms such as Twitter and Reddit. However, as with any stock, there are a number of other factors at work, and we’ve summarized the most important ones below.

  • Legal proceedings

HCMC has been involved in a patent infringement lawsuit with Phillip Morris. There are periodic updates on this, which can affect the HCMC price.

  • Online hype

Platforms such as Reddit, Stock twits, and Twitter can artificially inflate the price of HCMC, even if there is no fundamental business reason for it. This type of activity is the primary driver of price changes in HCMC.

  • Consumer trends

 HCMC operates stores in Florida and New York that sell organic products, vitamins, and foods. If there is an increase in demand for healthy products and wellness services, the HCMC price is likely to rise.

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Why was HCMC stock so high?

HCMC stock was so high in 2013 because the company performed a 5 to 1 reverse stock split, which resulted in a rapid increase in share value.

Can you still buy HCMC?

Any online brokerage account can be used to buy shares of HCMC stock.

Is HCMC a good investment?

If you buy the stock, forget you own it, and leave it in the cooler for several years, it has the potential to be a good investment. It can take that long for a penny stock to come back to life.

How many shareholders does HCMC have?

Healthier Choices Management Corp (U.S.: HCMC) has 14 institutional shareholders and owners who have submitted 13D/G or 13F forms to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

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