Glow Airdrop: How to Participate and Get Free Token

Through the course of this article, we will understand all about the Glow airdrop token and how to claim this free token.

Many airdrops are currently ongoing in the crypto market, giving investors access and ownership to free tokens in the coin market.

These airdrops are distributed to crypto users and investors in different ways, including through referrals and completing various tasks, which will enable them to earn the airdrop token, which is always limited.

Glow Airdrop
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Investors and crypto users need to know which airdrops are worth their time and which ones are not, as this will help them make informed decisions on which airdrops to participate in.

What is Glow Airdrop?

The Glow project aims to facilitate an even better user experience in the blockchain industry using advanced dApps and decentralized finance DeFi, building an easier user experience for crypto enthusiasts.

With Glow token, which is the official token of the Glow platform, the token allows users to engage in polls and decisions regarding the Glow project and get involved in the Staking process of the Glow token.

There is a total of 50 Million Glow Airdrop tokens available for distribution to interested users and investors. This will be distributed to LUNA and MINE Stakers and released to Anchor holders and depositors.

Is Glow Airdrop a Scam?

The Glow project has proven to be strong in the crypto space. With the platform already allowing the claim and ownership of the airdrop since January 10th, 2022, the Glow airdrop cannot be confirmed as a scam or legit token till the end of this airdrop period.

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Step-by-Step guide on How to Claim the Glow Airdrop

The Glow airdrop can easily be claimed by eligible crypto users who have met the required criteria, which is essential for distributing the airdrop.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to claim the Glow airdrop:

  • Users can easily go to the Glow Airdrop Claim page and then connect their wallet, the Terra wallet specifically, to claim the airdrop.
  • Eligible users will see an airdrop banner click on “Airdrop”, and claim your free airdrop token. Eligible users are Anchor stakers, LUNA and MINE stakers, and depositors and holders who have held at least 10 USDT worth of crypto assets in their wallets since October 26th, 2021.
  • 40 Million Glow airdrop tokens will be available for distribution at the time of airdrop launch to eligible participants. The other 10 Million Glow airdrop tokens will be released to eligible MINE stakers over 18 months.
  • The airdrop released must be claimed within three months by eligible users and, if not claimed, will be sent to the community pool.

These are step-by-step guides that will help crypto users and interested airdrop enthusiasts to claim the Glow token airdrop.

When Will Glow Token Airdrop be Distributed? 

The Glow token airdrop is slated to be claimed in the space of 3 months, starting from January 10th, 2022. Eligible users can begin claiming their airdrop as the slated period of claiming has already begun.

What are your thoughts as regards the Glow airdrop token? Feel free to share your opinion and views in the comment section.

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