How and Where to Buy Gala Coin, Prices Prediction, and Exchanges

In this article, we will understand all about the Gala games platform and its token the Gala coin.

The Gala Games is a blockchain technology with its goals driven to create blockchain games users and gamers around the world will be excited to play.

The goals of the company include:

  • Making Exciting games users and gamers can enjoy
  • Rewarding players through NFTs and other avenues which can generate real funds for these players
  • Giving players full access and control over their games, making gamers own it while playing

The Gala games also created a system where players can easily own Non-Fungible Tokens, which they can sell in the open market for some bucks.

Gala coin
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They have also created an in-game voting system that players and gamers worldwide can use to pass on their votes on the type of games and features they would love the Gala Games to create for player’s fun.

The GALA token is another blockchain addition that the developers have created to allow its layers and gamers to earn cash through playing.

They also have the VOX, which is a Non-fungible Token created by the developers.

There are many more projects the Gala Games is working on, including different types of games like Sci-Fi Strategy Games, Town Defense Games, and even RPG games.

It is important to also highlight that since its launch Gala Games has made sales on its NFTs of up to 26,000.

The Gala Games players and gamers have grown to 1.3 Million active users worldwide just two years after its launch.

The most expensive sold by the Gala games network I worth up to $3 Million.

Gala Games Security

The Gala Games currently runs on the Ethereum network. The Binance Smart Chain has some 50000 Founder nodes, which help verify and process in-game transactions on the Gala Games platform, thereby helping secure the network.

Users can run a node by owning an account and running it on their PC. Owning a node can guarantee rewards that are given in points.

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Where to Buy the Gala Coin?

The Gala token can be purchased on notable exchanges and trading platforms, including Binance, Sushiswap, Bitrue.

The token can easily be gotten from these exchanges as they support the gala token.

The token can also be gotten by swapping major cryptocurrencies for the Gala token. For example, purchasing the Ethereum cryptocurrency from any exchange and then sending it to a wallet address in an exchange that supports the Gala token and then easily swapping the Ethereum for the Gala token is another way for investors to get the Gala token.

The Gala token stands at $0.05 with a rank of #232 on CoinMarketCap and rocketing percentage of 148% on its recent surge in the coin market.

Number of Gala Coin in Circulation

There are 7 Billion Gala coins in circulation, with a little above 17 Million of these coins is given to founder node operators, and the other half goes to the Gala Games Conservatorship.

Remember, players can use the Gala token to purchase in-game gear, and users can also earn the Gala coin through running nodes on the computer.

Gala Coin Price Prediction

The price prediction for the Gala token can only be said to have a strong potential of continuing on an upward trend, though the crypto market can be very volatile still.

The coin began trading in September in 2020, and with its solid system of a gaming system, reaching the target of $1 is not so far off a dream for the Gala token given their different approach to blockchain and NFTs in general.

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