Latoken FREN Airdrop – How to Participate and Claim free Tokens

Welcome to Coindecimal FREN Airdrop Updates, in this guide we are going to teach you how to participate, and claim FREN Coin Airdrop, and also provide you with details about the project precisely.

What is FREN Coin


Frenchie goes by the ticker FREN, Is a simple BEP-20 smart contract with burn function, secured and audited by professionals.

Doing it simple, it’s also automatically secure. That is what we had in mind when they deployed it as they plan for their future blockchain. A simple contract is what is needed to not over-complicate at mainnet launch.

In order to deliver more advanced features, FREN developers deploy other separate contracts to deliver farming, governance, etc.

This will give them more decentralization, security and confidence about their ecosystem. Every contract is 100% open source and public.

Latoken FREN Airdrop Terms and Conditions

  • Start FREN airdrop on Telegram bot and follow the instructions listed there (also explained below). Participants must use their current LATOKEN account, airdrop rewards will be credited only to this account.
  • Participants must have an account/register on LATOKEN to receive airdrop rewards. To verify a new account please check your email inbox and follow the instructions.
  • Join FREN’s official social media channels. Participants must remain subscribed to social media channels until the airdrop distribution date otherwise the social task’s completion reward will be zero. The social task reward will be 1 million FREN tokens given to each eligible participant.
  • Invite unique users who have never participated in LATOKEN’s airdrops before and get 1 million FREN tokens per referral.
  • All referrals must complete airdrop tasks, register on LATOKEN, and download LATOKEN mobile app otherwise the referrals will not be counted.

Note: People from restricted countries are not eligible for participation in this promotion. Read terms of use for more information.  LATOKEN reserves the right to disqualify participants showing signs of fraudulent activity immediately.

LATOKEN reserves the right at any time in its sole and absolute discretion to determine and/or amend or vary these T&C without prior notice, including but not limited to extending, forfeiting, terminating, or closing this Promotion, the eligibility terms and criteria, the selection and number of winners, and the timing of any action to be done, and all Participants shall be bound by these amendments

When Will FREN Airdrop Distribution Start

FREN Airdrop rewards are limited. Participants must complete the tasks faster to increase their chances to get a reward. FREN Airdrop ends when airdrop reward tokens will be finished.

FREN Tokens will be distributed on the 5th day of the finish date and take up to two weeks. The distribution will be based on whether the participant satisfies the eligibility criteria at the last date of the airdrop. The snapshot will be taken on the last day of the airdrop at 15:00 (UTC+3).

Only for non-US citizens and each user can participate only once in each airdrop. Airdrop complaints will be answered until the 2 weeks time of reward distribution date.

If you complain about an airdrop later than two weeks time of the distribution date then the complaint will not be answered.

FREN Tokenomics

  • Initial Supply: 1,000,000,000,000
  • Initial Liquidity: 250,000,000,000
  • Marketing: 300,000,000,000
  • Development: 200,000,000,000
  • Initial Liquidity Lock: 12 Months
  • Total Supply: 750,000,000,000
  • Burned Supply: 250,000,000,000
  • Vested Funds: 347,700,000,000 between 5-10 months part of Development & Marketing

Features of FREN Coin

Here are the primarily features of FREN NETWORK.

Frenchie Network: Frenchie Network  will be a high-performance, scalable, and secure smart-contract platform. It is designed to overcome the limitations of previous generation blockchain platforms. Frenchie Network will be permission-less, decentralized, and open-source. Frenchie Network will use a superior consensus mechanism called Asynchronous Byzantine Fault Tolerance (aBFT). Network Testnet Estimated by Q4 2021.

Farming Rewards: They have deployed Frenchie Farm contracts on BSC Network to reward users  that provide liquidity on 1inch Aggregated D.E.X on FREN/BNB pair. They will redistribute currently over 25 billion FREN from their Marketing Funds into their farming pool. Also, they will consider it a smart way to reward their investors that wait for their Blockchain technology launch and progress. Once that happen they will be able to swap their BEP-20 FREN tokens to FREN native coin.

Blockchain Innovations: Frenchie won’t be just a meme token They are working on mind-blowing blockchain technology for their community. The FREN consensus mechanism Asynchronous Byzantine Fault Tolerance will be the highest standard among all consensus algorithms. It solves the blockchain Scalability Trilemma Decentralization Security Scalability.


We have observed that their primary goal is to make Frenchie Network a high-performance, scalable, and secure smart-contract platform. Designed to overcome the limitations of previous generation blockchain platforms.

A blockchain network that can compete head-to-head with DOGE blockchain, yet smarter and faster with an extremely low inflation that can sustain an real-world economy.

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