Epik Prime Coin: All You Need to Know Before Investing

The Epik Prime Coin is a Non-Fungible Token that has partnered with AAA games and has launched its $EPIK since August 27 on the Huobi Global.

The AAA games are games with a higher marketing budget and developments bigger than other games when it comes to marketing for other games.

The Epik coin founders are working directly with games everywhere to create in-game Non-Fungible Tokens accumulating over 360 clients one which is notably Tencent the creators of the online mobile games PUBG and Garena Free Fire and Epik coin is also involved with other global brands like Universal and Warner Bros.

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Epik Prime Coin
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The project launched on the Huobi Platform which is in charge of introducing new cryptocurrencies and projects to the interested investors and traders of the cryptocurrency. 

Number of $EPIK Prime Coin in Circulation

Since its launch, the Epik Prime Coin has had a total supply of 2,000,000,000 coins in circulation with a market cap of $0.

The Epik Prime Coin has since its launch garnered some strides in its bid to become an investor’s favorite in the crypto market in the world today.

The coin being a Non-Fungible Token has a great potential to achieve its goal since NFTs are the rave in the digital assets sector and NFT coins have become some of the major cryptocurrencies in the world today. 

Epik Prime Coin Founders

The founders include Victor David who is the CEO and co-founder of the Epik Prime Coin. He has reiterated that the Epik Project is bringing web3 experience to gamers all over the world, and has also said that the company will focus on cross-platform interoperability making it easy to move between the virtual world and the real world very easy and straight-forward.

The founders believe the prospects created by the coin have made it a mainstay both in the crypto world and in the gaming universe as its uses cannot be over-emphasized.

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Where to Buy the Epik Prime Coin?

Interested investors can purchase the Epik Prime coin by signing up on coinbase or any other trusted exchange and purchase some bitcoin, having the bitcoin available in their wallet can help them swap the bitcoin easily for some Epik Prime Coin.

This way investors can get this coin and store it in their wallet as they are still liable to be listed on many other big exchanges and trading platforms in the market today.

Epik Prime Coin Price Predictions

The Epik Prime coin has a strong market being an NFT coin and with its presence in the virtual world and the necessary challenges, it helps overcome in the NFT space.

The price predictions for the coin are on a positive part as investors see the potential presented by buying into such coin and holding onto it for a long time.

Having gamers as part of this revolutionary idea makes the Epik Coin even more prospective in the crypto space and the NFT space, this keeps it in the minds of even more users as we have more than 1 billion gamers in the world today and most will key into this opportunity and maximize the uses of this NFT token. 

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