Ekart Inu price prediction 2022 – 2025 – 2030

The Ekart Inu Coin is a cryptocurrency designed to fit the e-commerce space and marketplace. The coin aims to give users the freedom to shop globally online using cryptocurrencies – Ekart Inu tokens.


This coin is available to everyone worldwide and is accessible to use provided the user is online and has access to the web. Using some advanced technologies in the payment and transaction eco-system, Ekart Inu Token aims to make transaction way easier than it is currently.

The Ekart Inu is currently one of the leading coins in the ecommerce spot and shows excellent potential to grow exponentially soon.

ekart inu coin


Ekart Inu Coin Contract Address and Market Cap

The Ekart Inu Coin, a new coin, has risen fast above the ranks and is slowly becoming a good altcoin to invest in and use regarding the online purchase and virtual money transactions.

The coin which was launched earlier on has gained much traction since after its launch and has become a trending and hot altcoin in recent days.

The coin-like many other altcoins, have its charges on use, and this can include:


  • 5% fee for each transaction
  • 2% goes to liquidation
  • 2% goes to other users
  • 1% goes to Covid Relief Funds as they are in partnership with Covid Fund by Vitalik Buterin.

Ekart Inu Price

The Ekart Inu price as of the time of writing this post is $0.00 and its contract address is – 0xd2e1cd904d1903c3746fa4bdf02e3dcd01c4548c

It is also important to note that 1 Quadrillion of the coin is the only amount in production, and the coin will be the first coin focused on Decentralized Finance without fail. And instead of the usual 10% charge on transactions, the coin boasts only a 5% charge on transactions.

Where to Buy Ekart Inu?

The Ekart Inu Coin had recently launched just a while ago, so it has not been listed on various exchanges and trading platforms.


But this coin can still be purchased from some other platforms through some easy steps, as this will help any user who wishes to invest in this coin purchase a lot more before it is listed on major exchanges.

This step by step guide will help any user to buy the Ekart Inu Coin and store it in their wallet as this coin is still new and has not been listed with a popular exchanging and trading platform:

  • Buy other cryptos like BTC, MATIC, USDT from notable exchanges like Binance and Coinbase.
  • Signup and register on the official site of Ekart Inu Coin (www. EkartInu.com)
  • Go over to the dashboard of the newly created account, select the “buy token” button and choose to pay with BTC.
  • Input the amount of BTC to be used to purchase some Ekart Inu Coins, send the BTC to the provided wallet address.
  • Check your account to know the number of Ekart Inu Coins purchased.

It is important to understand that users cannot purchase any Ekart Inu Coins worth $50 as this might be the presale price.

Purchasing some Ekart Inu Coin worth below $50 might lead to the loss of the funds.


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Exchanges That Support Ekart Inu Coin

The Ekart Inu Coin can only purchase on the Ekart Inu Coin official site using BTC and other recognized coins in the crypto space. Since the coin is only recently listed, it hasn’t been supported by many other exchanges. Still, crypto predictors are optimistic that the coin will be listed on some other major exchanges as time goes on.

The Ekart Inu Coin can be purchased through the above-mentioned step-by-step guide as it has not been mentioned in a major exchange or trading platform.

Ekart Inu Price Prediction

Since its launch, the Ekart Inu Coin has become very popular in the crypto space as it is reported that many crypto whales have invested in this promising project over time.

These investments come as the Ekart Inu Coin collaborates with Covid Fund by Vitalik Buterin, leading to many crypto whales purchasing enough Ekart Inu Coin worth up to 100 Million.

The Ekart Inu Coin is a promising project and should be taken seriously by any investor who wishes to profit from cryptocurrency.

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