CCDOGE Airdrop – How to Claim Free CCDOGE Tokens

After several years of development, Dogecoin has long become a well-known cryptocurrency and has a huge community of users around the world.

Compared with Bitcoin, the price of Dogecoin is very low, and it is very popular among retail investors.

Dogecoin is essentially a mockery of retail investors to institutions, and it is also a victory for the spirit of YOLO. Its return on investment even surpassed Bitcoin at one time

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What is CCDOGE

ccdoge airdrop

CCDOGE is an open source blockchain project initiated by the core developers of the original dogcoin community, and is the world’s first 3A type token with auto-farming, auto-market-maker and auto-deflation.

In order to incentivize early community supporters, we are officially launching the first round of airdrops!

CCDOGE claims to inherits the YOLO spirit of Dogecoin and is a 100% community-driven blockchain project.

Initiated by core developers from the dogecoin community, CCDOGE is developed based on the Binance Smart Chain.

It aims to introduce the spirit of Dogecoin into other public chains and create a DeFi version of “Dogecoin”

In addition, CCDOGE is the world’s first 3A type (auto-gain, auto-deflation, auto marketing) token.

Compared with dogecoin and Shiba inu, CCDOGE has limited total issuance and permanent deflation, supports autogain, and is a typical representative of third generation meme tokens.

Furthermore, holders of CCDOGE can participate in up to 300% lock-in mining.

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