How and Where to Buy Wrapped PKT

Are you looking for a way to buy Wrapped PKT (WPKT) coin and don’t seems to know where and how to buy it? Sit back and relax while I walk you through the process of getting the coin from the various exchange.

In this article, you’ll learn a lot about the Wrapped PKT (WPKT) token and decide if you’re going to buy it.

Firstly, we need to determine what the Wrapped PKT (WPKT) coin is.

What is Wrapped PKT Coin?

Wrapped PKT (WPKT) is a cryptocurrency based on the Binance Smart Chain (BEP20) architecture introduced in 2021. Wrapped PKT is currently in circulation with a supply of 57,070,397. Wrapped PKT is presently trading at 0.03309279 USD, up 47.65 percent in the past few days. It is now trading on four active market(s) with a total volume of $512,635.36.

Buy Wrapped PKT
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Is WPKT Coin a Good Investment?

Wrapped PKT is a newly launched token and not currently trading on the major crypto exchanges. So, as a new token, we can not say it is a good investment yet even if it performed great in the previous month. The general acceptance will determine the future of the token.

List of Where to Buy Wrapped PKT

Here are some reputable exchanges where you can easily buy the Wrapped token.

  • PancakeSwap (V2)
  • Orion Protocol BSC
  • SushiSwap (BSC)

WPKT Price

With a 24-hour trading volume of $7,022.93, the current Wrapped PKT price is $0.007982. WPKT to USD pricing is updated in real-time. In the previous 24 hours, wrapped PKT has dropped 14.48 percent.

WPKT Contract Address

Here is the contract address for WPKT token 0x1C25222994531C4AC35E4d94bbf7552c9aa92E32. The token is currently running on a BSC network.

How to Buy WPKT Coin

When writing this article, the Wrapped PKT has not been listed in major exchanges, but you can easily get it on the DeFi exchanges mentioned above. 

Here’s a guide on buying the Wrapped PKT coin on the various exchanges mentioned above. The steps are the same on all platforms.

  • Get a Trust Wallet App and create an account.
  • Send BNB to your Binance Smart Chain wallet.
  • Go to DApp on your Trust Wallet
  • Locate any of the wallets mentioned above 
  • Connect the DeFi wallet to Trust Wallet
  • Copy the above WPKT token contract address (Be careful of the source where you copy this).
  • Swap Binance Smart Chain to WPKT 
  • After that, the token should arrive in your wallet.

With the above steps, you should be able to buy the WPKT token now until it is listed on major exchanges where you can trade them with other currency pairs.

What should I buy in terms of Wrapped PKT (WPKT)?

The advantage of cryptocurrencies is that they may be divided and purchased in small amounts. In this manner, you retain ownership of your Wrapped PKT and can use or hold it.

To gain confidence, start with a small quantity with BSC and learn about the process of purchasing Wrapped PKT.

Once you understand the process, you can easily scale up your transactions and purchase additional Wrapped PKT. (When buying and selling cryptocurrencies on DeFi, be aware of the fees associated).

Having read this article, I believe you can easily buy the Wrapped PKT coin.

You can watch the video below to learn more…

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