How to Get Boba Airdrop and Future Price Prediction

In this article, you will understand how to get Boba airdrop and also know the future price prediction.

Airdrops are strategies through which new cryptocurrencies are introduced into the market.

One of these new cryptos is Boba; this token is a crypto asset of the Boba network, which will help tackle gas fees issues and extend the capabilities of smart contracts.

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How to Qualify for Boba Airdrop 

Boba is the principal token of the Boba network, which is set to launch. If you intend to invest in the token and look for a way to claim or qualify for the token’s airdrop, you must perform one of the following to qualify to receive the airdrop. These include:

  • Bridge $OMG in a Wallet on the Boba Network before the Snapshot Date

Anyone who wants to qualify for the airdrop must make sure to hold $OMG on the Boba network. This will enable them to claim the Boba tokens equivalent to the one they have, and they can claim it anytime on or after the airdrop.

  • Bridge $OMG to Boba Network after the Snapshot Date

You can still qualify for the airdrop by bridging your $OMG from L1 (Ethereum) to the Boba network after the snapshot date. You will need to bridge the amount of $OMG tokens from your wallet address on L1.

  • Hold $OMG on a Participating Exchange

To qualify for the Boba airdrop, you will need to have kept some amount of the $OMG tokens on a participating exchange. Then you can receive your tokens through your wallet.

How to Get Boba Airdrop

If you want to get the Boba token during its airdrop, you must hold the $OMG on the Boba network. You can claim the airdrop on or after the date it was distributed.

Also, storing your $OMG on the L1 liquidity pool or your $OMG on an exchange that supports it will qualify you to get the airdrop.

How to Bridge OMG to Boba 

If you are looking to bridge $OMG to the Boba network, you must follow the below-listed guidelines. These include:

  • First, ensure that you hold your $OMG in your wallet and not on an exchange wallet.
  • On the web address, scroll down to OMG (Ethereum L1) and click “Bridge.”
  • Then click “Fast Bridge to L2
  • Enter the amount of $OMG you would like to bridge. If you intend to bridge all your $OMG, choose the “Use All” button and click “Bridge.”
  • Confirm your transaction by clicking “Confirm,” but before confirming, make sure you check the gas fee and be sure it’s comfortable for you to accept.
  • Patiently wait for the confirmation of your transaction.
  • Metamask will confirm the first transaction, and you will be required to verify the second transaction.
  • It may show pending; you will need to wait until it is completed.
  • Once completed, a message will pop up showing that your OMG is now on the Boba network.

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This snapshot is a record containing all the wallet addresses and OMG holdings of non-custodial wallets and exchanges participating on Layer 1 and Boba network Layer 2.

The Boba airdrop snapshot is slated to take place at the first Ethereum (L1) block and will determine the eligibility of anyone to claim the airdrop.

Will Coinbase Support Boba Airdrop?

Many exchange platforms support the Boba airdrop and have announced that they will distribute the $OMG to each qualified wallet address.

But the Coinbase exchange platform, which is known as one of the most used platforms, has not made any announcement regarding supporting the Boba airdrop.

Many users are still awaiting a statement from Coinbase; if not, they may switch to other exchanges that support the airdrop.

Boba Network Price Prediction 2021

According to price prediction, the Boba network price is predicted to reach a minimum of $5.71 towards the end of 2021. Also, it can get to a maximum level of $6.49 with an average trade price of $6.31.

Boba Network Price Prediction 2022

The price of the Boba network is predicted to reach a minimum price level of $8.85 in 2022. The network price can reach a maximum of $10.64, with an average trade price of $9.17 throughout 2022.

Boba Network Price Prediction 2023

The forecasted price of the Boba network in 2023 is slated to go for a minimum of $12.45. It can reach a maximum price of $15.40 with an average trading price of $12.81

Boba Network Price Prediction 2024

The price of one Boba network is expected to reach a minimum level of $17.57 in 2024. It can reach a maximum price level of $21.42 with an average trade price of $18.09 throughout the year.

Watch the video below to know how to get Boba Airdrop:

Boba Network Price Prediction 2025

Boba network price will reach a low of $25.05 in 2025. As per the technical analysis by experts, the Boba price could reach a maximum level of $30.60 with an average price of $25.77.

Boba Airdrop is a move by the Boba network that intends to create much awareness about the token. The token has the potential to increase rapidly and get to a reasonable level in the crypto market.

We hope this article will actively help you in investing in this token. For all your views and questions, drop a message in our comment section.


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