How to Buy Blockchain Monster Hunt Token & Price Prediction 2022

Through this article, we will understand all about the Blockchain monster hunt token and its price prediction in the coin market.

As meme tokens and NFT cryptos keep making high gains in the market, the Blockchain Monster Hunt token has gained many holders and seen many transfers as it grows in worth and value.

Crypto users and investors need to understand all about the Blockchain monster hunt token and help them make the best decision to invest their funds into it.

blockchain monster hunt token

Using the information in this article, users can understand this token and make investments accordingly in the coin market.

What Is Blockchain Monster Hunt Token?

The Blockchain Monster Hunt coin, a major gaming token in the crypto space, has seen significant growth in its price and value since its launch.

The token, which is dynamic because it runs totally on just blockchain, creates experiences for its users, making cryptocurrency fun and enjoyable while earning money through it.

Here is some information that will help investors know all about the blockchain monster hunt token:

  • The blockchain monster hunt token is a gaming token inspired by some games like the Pokémon-GO. This token focuses on giving players the opportunity to new places on a blockchain and find new monsters for fighting.
  • By battling these monsters unique to each block, players can accumulate points and earn collectibles and tokens through this means.
  • One critical aspect of the Blockchain monster hunt coin is that players can easily move the token to any chain without needing any third-party platform to make this possible.
  • The Blockchain monster hunt token is an ERC-20 token which means the coin runs on the Ethereum platform.

Launch Date

Since its launch, the Blockchain monster hunt token has grown maximally, above some crypto enthusiast expectations, making it a strong gaming coin in the coin market recently.

This token is predicted to keep increasing in value and worth as time goes on.

Blockchain Monster Hunt Token Contract Address and Market Cap

Understanding the tokenomics of the Blockchain Monster Hunt coin is vital for invested who has their attention on the token.

Here are the basic tokenomics of the Blockchain Monster Hunt coin:

  • The Blockchain Monster hunt token has a total supply of 1 Billion tokens.
  • 17% of the token is left for the token ecosystem, and another 18% is left for the founders and creators of these gaming tokens.
  • 14.1% of the whole coin is reserved for marketing and partnership of the Blockchain Monster Hunt token.
  • 9.8% goes to the private investor of the token, and another 0.5% goes to holders of the BCMH token.
  • Lastly, 40% of the whole token is allocated to the mining of the token.

Price and Contract Address

As of the time of writing this article, the Blockchain Monster Hunt coin price is $2.18.

The contract address of the BCMH token –

  • 0x2BA8349123de45E931a8C8264c332E6e9CF593F9 for ERC-20
  • 0xc10358f062663448a3489fC258139944534592ac for BEP-20
  • 0xc10358f062663448a3489fC258139944534592ac for Polygon

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How to Buy Blockchain Monster Hunt Token

Users can purchase the Blockchain Monster hunt Token using the following easy steps:

  • Buy BNB from a trusted platform like Binance or Coinbase.
  • Withdraw the already-purchased BNB to the Tryst Wallet platform.
  • Once successfully withdrawn, navigate down to the DApps section on the Trust Wallet platform, and in the DApp, select PancakeSwap, where the exchange will take place.
  • On the “Form” tab in the PancakeSwap platform, input the number of BNB needed for the swap.
  • On the “To” section, select the Blockchain Monster Hunt token from the presented coins and tokens list.
  • Once done, click the “SWAP” button to exchange the BNB for the BCMH token and allow the conversion to take place.
  • Once done, the BCMH token will be purchased and stored in the user’s wallet.

Is Blockchain Monster Hunt Token a Good Investment?

The BCMH token has grown in value since its launch, and this has invariably drawn investors and users into this crypto token.

It is still advisable for investors and crypto users to do their basic research before investing their funds into this token or any token to avoid investing their funds into scam tokens and losing their money.

What is your opinion on the Blockchain Monster Hunt token? Share your thoughts and ideas using the comment section.

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