How to Claim $50,000 worth of Biswap Tokens Airdrop

In this article, we will understand all about the Biswap Tokens Airdrop and how to claim it.

There are many tokens in the crypto market today. With success recorded by many of these crypto coins and tokens, it is no surprise that many other coins and tokens are being created and entering the coin market daily.

An airdrop is generally a way through which these tokens draw the attention of investors and spread their reach in the coin market. This is done by allocating a specific amount of these coins to investors and crypto users who show interest in these tokens.

Biswap Tokens Airdrop
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It is essential to understand that these airdrops are given to crypto users for free at a monetary cost.

The Biswap token is also one such token that is about to enter the crypto market and is in the stage of amassing investors and holders interest through the Airdrop means.

Interested investors need to understand all about the Biswap tokens Airdrop to not miss out on this vital stage of the coin where they can earn free tokens and HODL to the moon.


What is Biswap Tokens Airdrop?

The Biswap platform, with its goal to become a leading name in the world of decentralized exchange DEX and build a platform for crypto users to easily swap and exchange their assets in any way, has started towards this goal by the start of the Biswap Token Airdrop.

Through this means, the Biswap platform can garner investors’ attention over time and have a strong market stay in the world of decentralized exchange DEXs.

How to Participate In Biswap Tokens Airdrop

Some basic steps are necessary for any investor or crypto user who wishes to participate in the Biswap tokens Airdrop and claim enough Airdrop, even worth up to the $50,000 mark.

Here is a simple step-by-step guide on how to join the Biswap Tokens Airdrop:

  • Add the Biswap Token BSW to your CoinMArketCap watchlist.
  • Follow the official handle of the Biswap platform on social media Twitter.
  • The next step is to like and retweet the pinned tweet on the official page of the Biswap Twitter homepage and tag three friends with the hashtag #BiswapGameFi.
  • Once done, follow the Biswap platform on telegram or, better still, join the Biswap platform group on telegram.
  • Join the Biswap official YouTube channel and follow up on any information published on this channel.
  • And lastly, join the Biswap TG announcement channel to get the latest update and news on the Biswap Token Airdrop and other info about the platform.
  • User can then drop his BEP-20 wallet address on the form, which will be available once the event starts and can be accessed through this link
  • Important information for all participants states that the Biswap team will be responsible for the selection of the winners of the Airdrop and these winners will be announced across all Biswap platform social accounts once the Airdrop campaign is over.
  • There will be a total of 4000 winners of the Biswap Tokens Airdrop.

These steps will help any interested crypto users who wish to participate in the Biswap Token Airdrop get the $50,000 worth of Biswap Tokens Airdrop. Still, it will also help them get important information and update on the Biswap decentralized exchange platform.

It is important to note that once these steps are completed, the user or investor is eligible for the $50,000 Biswap Tokens Airdrop.

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Advantages of Biswap You Should Know

Here are some major advantages which the Biswap platform presents in decentralized exchange DEX space:

  • There is a 100% fee return for all swaps.
  • They give a high yield for liquidity providers on the platform.
  • There is a huge APR on farms.
  • They provide the lowest exchange fee in Defi, a 0.1% fee.
  • They provide an easy way for investors and crypto users to earn crypto tokens in Launchhpools.
  • And lastly, they give a 5% from friends earnings on farms of the token.

These are the advantages of the Biswap platform important for investors and crypto users to understand.

What are your thoughts on the Biswap platform and the Biswap tokens Airdrop? Share your views and opinion using the comment section.

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