How to Buy Big Hit Entertainment Stock

Are you searching for where to buy big hit entertainment stock, how to buy Big Hit entertainment stock, or big hit entertainment stock price prediction? Then this article is for you, and it will give you full details of all you need to know about big hit entertainment stocks.

What is Big Hit Entertainment Stock?

Big Hit Entertainment is a South Korean entertainment company founded in 2005 by Bang Si-hyuk, which is now known as HYBE.

The company operates as a music production company, a record label, event management, talent agency, concert production company, and a music publishing house.

The company has a lot of branches, including Big Hit Music, Belift Lab, KOZ Entertainment, Source Music, and Pledis Entertainment, collectively known as Hybe Labels.

Big Hit Entertainment floated on the Korean Stock Exchange on the 15th of October 2020. Its shares opened at 270,000 South Korea Won (approximately $235).

It doubled its initial public offering price of 135,000 South Korea Won ($117) per share. It announced the changing of its corporate name to HYBE in march 2021.

Big Hit Entertainment Stock
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Big Hit Entertainment Stock IPO

HYPE, also known as Big Hit Entertainment, the management label of the famous South Korean boy band BTS, debuted at the double its IPO (initial public offering) price as investors scrambled for a piece of the country’s biggest listing in three years.

HYBE shares opened at 270,000 won, valuing the company at about 9.6 trillion won ($8.38 billion), compared with an initial public offering(IPO) price of 135,000 won per share.

The stock rose as much as 32% in early trade to 351,000 won, compared with a 0.3% fall in the benchmark KOSPI. That puts the company on the track to join the all-time top 10 debuts on the South Korean stock market.

South Korean retail investors laid out 58.4 trillion won in orders for HYBE shares, falling just short of a record 58.55 trillion won for the retail portion of Kakao Games’ listing in September.

HYBE relies heavily on BTS, with the Billboard-topping group accounting for 87.8% of the label’s revenue in the first half of 2020, according to a regulatory filing.

The seven-member boy band has a huge global fan base, which the label has promoted effectively through social platforms and online performances since in-person performances were canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Where to Buy Big Hit Entertainment Stock

Big Hit is listed on the KOSPI (Korea Composite Stock Price Index), the index of all common stocks traded on the Stock Market Division of the Korea Exchange, and the equivalent of the S&P 500 of the United States (US).

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How to Buy Big Hit Entertainment Stock

  • You will have to open a personal securities account, also known as a brokerage account; your stock assets will be held here.
  • You will have to open an account with an underwriter; this is where you can sell and buy stock
  • You place an order and wait for the outcome.

Big Hit Entertainment Stock Price Prediction 2022

Date Opening price Closing price Minimum price Maximum price Change

Big hit entertainment Stock Price Forecast for 2022

May-2022 $0.000493 $0.000195 $0.000009012 $0.001069 -153.52 %▼

June-2022 $0.001046 $0.000164 $0.00000362 $ 0.00141 -538.45 %▼

July-2022 $0.000123 $0.000000390 $0.000000390 $ 0.000123 -31433.69 %▼

August-2022 $0.000000292 $0.000000001 $ 0.000000001 $ 0.000000292 -55959.89 %▼

September-2022 $0.000000000391 $ 0.000000000001 $0.000000000001 $ 0.000000000391 -41944.91 %▼

October-2022 $0.000000000001 $0.000001 $ 0.000001 $0.000000000001 -31433.69 %▼

November-2022 $0.000001 $ 0.000001 $ 0.000001 $ 0.000001 -41944.91 %▼

December-2022 $0.000001 $0.000001 $ 0.000001 $ 0.000001 -41944.91 % ▼

According to most research, there has been a downstream in the stock price and the prediction might not be accurate due to the downstream experienced by the company. We huge you to do more thorough research about the company you to invest in.

In conclusion, Big hit entertainment, also known as HYBE, is a Korean music production company founded in 2005.

The stock floated on the Korean Stock Exchange on 15 October 2020; its shares opened at 270,000 South Korea Won (approximately $235), and its doubled its initial public offering price of 135,000 South Korea Won ($117) per share. It is an excellent way to save money by investing in Hybe shares.

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