Is BETU Token a Good Investment?

Welcome to Coindecimal BETU token analysis and details. In this guide we are going to analyze the BETU Token ( a crypto gaming platform token), and then find out if it will be an ideal investment or not.

What is BETU Token

betu token

BETU token is a utility token, and the official currency of platform. BetU is an online marketplace for peer-to-peer sports, esports, and crypto betting’s. BetU aims to become a leader in the global markets worth $391 Billion USD.

With the goal of taking significant market share from global bookmakers such as:

  • Bet365,
  • Willam Hills,
  • Ladbrokes,
  • DraftKings, and
  • FanDuel


The BETU Token Tokenomics  and Details

The BETU token powers the entire ecosystem and is the sole form of currency in the BetU marketplace.

The BETU utility token will be the only form of currency to be used within the platform. Like casino chips must be used to play tables at a casino, fiat and other cryptocurrencies will need to be converted to BETU tokens in order to place bets on the platform.

The BETU token will be used for the following:

  • Betting: All bets must be placed with BETU Tokens
  • Charity: The BetU Charity supports vulnerable children impacted by gambling addiction.
  • Betting Rewards: Leading bettors are incentivized with BETU Tokens.
  • Staking: All holders can stake BETU Tokens to earn rewards.
  • Token Burning: BETU Tokens are burnt after every winning bet & if bettors attempt to cheat.
  • Referees: Referees must hold BETU tokens and are rewarded for their contribution.
  • Honesty Reserves: BETU Tokens are held during a bet to encourage honest results.
  • Whale holders benefits: Whale holders will pay zero winning fees.
  • Governance of the BetU platform: BETU Token holders will govern the BetU ecosystem via voting rights.

BETU Token ICO/Presale

  • BetU aims to raise $5,375,000 via an initial coin offering
  • 2.5% of the BetU token will be sold during the presale
  • 25% of the BetU token supply will be avalaible in the public sale starting 16th August 2021.

BetU will immediately list on at the completion of the ICO. A top 10 exchange listing is planned for September 2021.

BETU Token Distribution

  • Public Sale – 25%
  • Team – 20%
  • Marketing / Partnerships – 10%
  • User Incentives / Bonuses – 10%
  • Foundation – 10%
  • Exchanges / Liquidity – 10%
  • First Year Staking Rewards – 7.5%
  • Advisors – 2.5%
  • Institutional Investors / VC’s – 2.5%
  • Pre Sale –  2.5%

Is BETU Token a Good Investment?

BetU will be a marketplace of bets. Where it will link Bet Makers, and Bet Takers. Users will be able to search for specific bets via sports, league, players, bet types, odds, etc.

The BETU token powers the entire ecosystem and is the sole form of currency in the BetU marketplace.

That’s to say to interact with the BETU platform you will need to own BETU token. This will aid in the usage of the BETU token and will increase the buy/sell rate.

Now, the chances are would people really want to use the BETU Platform.

From our findings,

Sports betting involves the activity of placing bets on the outcome of sporting results.

The most popular sports by betting volume are European football/soccer, tennis, American football, horse racing, basketball, golf, and boxing/MMA, and BETU platforms offers this features.

Sports betting is the most popular online gambling activity in Europe accounting for 41% of gaming revenue, casino amounts for 34%, and lottery 15%

In 2020, Europe accounted for 45.9% of the total online sports betting market, North America 25.5%, and Asia 20.5%

With this analysis, we can agree that the sport betting industry is way higher than numbers of cryptocurrency market caps.

Now, BETU is providing a medium for sport betting which is thus a hot market now.

With this assumptions we arrive at a conclusion that BETU token will be a good investment on the long run.

On the next sub headline, we will talk about the roadmap of the BETU platform, so it can help us finalize if they also have and inward strategy to make the BETU token a goldmine.

BETU Token Roadmap

Q2 – 2021

  • Recruit initial team

  • Incorporate BetU

  • Draft legal documentation for ICO

  • Sotatek development partnership

  • Create token sale website & dashboard

  • Commence design & development of betting platform

Q3 – 2021

  • Launch token sale website & dashboard

  • Marketing of ICO

  • Hold pre sale & public sale

  • Token generation event & listing on PancakeSwap

  • First year staking begins

  • Listing on top 10 exchange

  • Apply for initial online gaming license

  • Complete web and mobile versions of betting platform

Q4 – 2021

  • Obtain initial online gaming license

  • Final platform testing

  • Launch V1 of betting platform

  • First bets placed on BetU

  • Obtain user feedback and begin development of V2

  • Listing on top 5 exchange

  • Rapidly grow user base

  • iPhone & Android app

Disclaimer:  Cryptocurrency investing comes risks, but these risk are calculated. Always do your own research before investing in any crypto token. 

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