10 Best Travel Insurance For International Travel

You can get the best travel insurance for international travel in a few minutes. The travel insurance policy provides protection and damages for losses incurred while traveling whether domestically or internationally. It may be baggage loss, flight delay, cancellation of flight itinerary, etc.

Read on to learn the 10 best travel insurance for international travel.

Key Takeaway

  • What a travel insurance policy is and how to buy them.
  • The 3 things to look out for before buying a travel insurance policy for an international trip.
  • The list of the 10 best travel insurance for international travel.
best travel insurance for international travel

What Is A Travel Insurance Policy?

A travel insurance policy covers the costs and losses-unexpected events-that may occur while on travel.

It is the insurance product for the coverage of unforeseen losses that may occur while on either domestic or international travel.

It covers all costs (medical costs, trip cancellation, lost luggage, public liability, flight delays, etc.)

However, it does not cover any expenses resulting from traveling against government policy, participating in high-risk sports activities, etc.

Types Of Travel Insurance Policy

There are different types of travel insurance depending on the policy you bought.

1. Single Trip

As the name implies, it covers an individual and the damage that may incur but only on a single journey.

2. Gap Year

This type of travel insurance policy covers the insured in his or her multiple destructions for an extended period during the travel. It also covers different activities you may plan on doing.

3. Annual Trip

Travel insurance covers a yearly trip. It is more cost-effective than a single trip.

4. Family Trip

The travel insurance policy covers parents’ and children’s trips. It is best if your children are below 18 and stay with you full-time.

5. Worldwide

Some travel insurance covers all costs regardless of the part of the world you travel to while some do not.

Advantages Of Having A Travel Insurance Policy

Travel insurance has saved lives and still saves lives as it covers any loss involved while traveling. However, below are some of the advantages.

1. Compensates Medical Costs

Travel insurance covers the medical expenses for injuries from an accident that may occur during travel. Such compensation takes place only when the expenses are up to the amount specified in the insurance policy. 

 However, insurance policy companies have a network of hospitals that allow cashless treatment. They send the injured to the hospital to get treated and thus, save a life.

2. Covers Personal Liability

Travel insurance provides coverage for the damage extended to the third party by the insured. If a policyholder travels with an uninsured individual, any damage extended to the individual is covered by the travel insurance company of the policyholder.

3. Protection Against Losses

Losses such as loss of passport, and loss of checked-in baggage are covered by the travel insurance company of the policyholder for compensation.

4. Covers Cancellation To The Trip Itinerary

The trip itinerary is the trip plan. Any changes in the trip itinerary such as cancellation of the trip due to unforeseen health problems, etc, which may affect the policyholder are covered by his travel insurance company.

Disadvantages Of Travel Insurance Policy

Some downsides that are also involved in a travel insurance policy include:

1. Expensive

One of the downsides of buying a travel insurance policy is that it is expensive, preventing individuals with low-income earnings from purchasing a travel insurance policy.

2. Limited Coverage

Not all claim settlement stated on the policy is covered; some get rejected such as petty injuries or injuries resulting from sporting events while on travel.

3. No Coverage For Pre-existing Health Problems

Travel insurance only provides coverage for unforeseen medical costs during travel But any other medical issues an insured has is not covered.

How Travel Insurance Works

Travel insurance works similarly to other types of insurance but basically, it is associated with traveling.

Travel insurance covers the claims, damage, or unforeseen accident that may incur medical costs, cancellation of the trip itinerary, loss of luggage, etc.

It does not provide coverage for pre-existing problems.

However, the coverage is only provided to the policyholders.

The 3 Things You Should Look Out For When Buying Travel Insurance Policy

Before purchasing a travel insurance policy, you need to consider and compare some of the plans offered by different insurance companies to enable you to choose a suitable one for you and your family.

Here are the 3 things to consider.

1. Plan Document

Ensure you read and analyze your plan document. Understand what is covered and what is not covered. With this, you learn how the plan can help in any unforeseen situation during travel.

2. Time

Consider your timing as it is everything. Do not rush into buying travel insurance until you are sure of making your first trip (that’s when you need it). It saves money and averts unnecessary loss.

3. Annual Trip Policy

Saving with an annual travel insurance plan is the best for frequent travelers due to its cost-effectiveness.

Hence, check if the travel insurance company offers an annual trip plan that covers all trip plans within a year.

How To Buy A Travel Insurance Policy

There are many ways through which one can buy a travel insurance policy. These are explained below.

  • Start A Quote Online: Get your insurance quote online from the insurance company that offers it.
  • Complete Your Trip Form: Fill out your trip form with accurate information about the trip.
  • Fund The Plan: Pay for the plan through payment by card.

Thereafter, you will get notified about the purchased policy by email or in the app depending on the operation of the insurance company.

The List Of The 10 Best Travel Insurance For International Travel

The travel insurance that covers all costs involved in international travel includes the following:

1. C&F Travel Insured International

C&F Travel Insured International was established in 1822 and it covers comprehensive medical plans. It also covers the flight plan such as cancellation of flights and lost luggage.


  • It Covers Trip And Flight Cancellations: Any trip or flight canceled due to one problem or the C&F covers the other at the policyholder’s convenience.
  • Medical Coverage: It also covers all medical costs resulting from an accident while on travel.
  • Loss Of Luggage: It ensures insured stolen luggage is covered. The coverage should be equivalent to the content of the bag.


It offers $1,000 for travel delay, $1 million in medical evacuation, and $100,000 for medical expenses and others.


  • It covers accidental and medical costs.
  • It provides financial protection for the policyholder.


  • It is expensive.
  • It does not provide the exact content of the stolen luggage.

2. Allianz Global Assistance

Allianz Global Assistance has five travel insurance plans for single trips including emergency medical coverage.

The One Trip Cancellation plan is basically for domestic travelers.


  • Trip Cancellation: Allianz cancels the trip under circumstances for the benefit of the insured.
  • Annual And Single Trip: It covers all costs associated with all the trips in a year.
  • Emergency Cost: Any emergency that occurs while traveling is covered.


  • The coverage cost is $60 (above average)


  • It provides suitable coverage for the insured.
  • It covers any emergency that occurred while traveling.
  • It covers both single and annual trip plans.


  • The plan is expensive to buy.
  • The policy is limited to individuals below 18 years of age.
  • It does not offer online or membership discounts.
  • It does not provide coverage for intentional cancellation of flights.
  • It requires additional payment for any recreational activities while on travel 

3. IMG Travel Insurance

IMG Travel Insurance provides coverage for adventure travel, and trip cancellation plans, and gives special medical insurance for ship captains and crew members, international students, and missionaries.

It is best for budget-minded travelers.


  • It covers adventure trips.
  • Medical Insurance: It provides medical care to international travelers.
  • Coverage Cost: Its coverage cost is below average.


  • In IMG, the basic plans cost $45


  • It is best for budget-minded travelers.
  • It provides excellent medical care.


  • Its coverage is below average.
  • It has limited plans.

4. World Nomads Travel Insurance

Word Nomads is the best travel insurance designed for highly adventurous activities. It is quite good for adventurers.


  • It covers all medical expenses during adventurous sports.
  • It covers trip cancellation, delay, and loss of luggage.


  • It offers $73.99 for the standard and 101.59 for the explorer.


  • It has excellent coverage for engagement in extreme activities.
  • It is good for adventurers.
  • It has different policies for the convenience of different policyholders.


  • The policy is costly.
  • It has a less standard policy.

5. Travelex Insurance Services

Travelex, one of the best travel insurance for international travel, is a leading travel insurance provider in the US with 25 years of experience in helping people achieve their dream of having a safe trip.

It offers coverage for unexpected happenings such as trip cancellation, loss of luggage, etc.


  • Customization: In Travelex, coverage is customized.
  • Variety Of Plans: It has two comprehensive plans and two flight insurance plans.


  • Travelex Insurance Services cost $44 as in the sample trip.


  • It covers the loss of baggage.
  • It offers unlimited plans to suit the traveler.


  • It has low medical benefits.
  • It provides a short-term travel insurance plan.

6. AXA Assistance USA

AXA is a small company of a large organization dedicated to offering emergency services for its clients.

It provides protection before, during, and after the trip. It provides all travel insurance plans at a low cost. Thus, it is best for risk-conscious but economical travelers who want basic protection.


  • It covers any trip cancellation during travel.
  • It provides coverage for stolen baggage.


  • The basic protection cost is as low as $53.


  • It provides basic protection at a lower cost.
  • It covers flight accidental injuries and loss of luggage while on travel.


  • It has a limited evaluation.

7. Travel Guard By AIG

Travel Guard is an insurance product by AIG Travel and American International Group Inc. It was founded in 1982 and protects individual travel investments.


  • Customization: It allows a traveler to customize his travel plans.
  • Flight Accident Insurance: It covers accident injuries involved in flight travel.
  • It also covers medical costs during travel and other unforeseen expenses.


  • It provides $92 basic insurance.


  • It provides extra travel options.
  • It covers any interrupted trip due to sickness.


  • It does not cover trips paid with loyalty rewards programs.
  • It does not cover expected but unexpected risks.

8. Seven Corners Travel Insurance

Seven Corners, one of the best travel insurance offers two annual policies (wander frequent traveler and wander frequent traveler plus). The policy can be customized based on how long the insured will spend on the trip.

However, Seven Corners provides a 30-60 days trip.


  • Long-Term Plan: It allows spending long days on your trip.
  • Customized Policy: Seven Corners allows the customization of the policy depending on the insured trip duration.
  • Annual Plans: It offers a yearly plan for long-term travelers.
  • It also provides a comprehensive plan for the residents and foreigners in the State.


  • The coverage cost is $44.


  • It allows a long-term travel insurance policy.
  • It provides protective clothing for extreme sports during travel 
  • It offers students traveling options.


  • It does not cover private air travel.
  • It also does not cover self-harm and dental care on travel.

9. USI Affinity Travel Insurance Services

USI Affinity was established in 1973 and it provides a complete spectrum of customized travel insurance policies to protect individuals and travel organizations during their trips away from home.

The travel insurance services are best for international students and cruise-goers.


  • It has a medical insurance plan for both US students and visitors.
  • Large Insurance Broker: USI Affinity works with 250+ insurance agents to provide a satisfactory plan for the needs of the client.


  • The basic protection cost at most $71


  • It covers international student trips.
  • It offers excellent customer service 24/7.


  • It covers short-term plans.
  • The policy is expensive to buy.

10. Berkshire Hathaway Travel Insurance

Berkshire Hathaway is a North-American based travel insurance company designed for all travel plans to protect travelers when they are away from home.


  • Coverage such as car rental collisions, adventure sports, etc can be customized.
  • It also provides comprehensive plans such as trip cancellation, medical expenses, etc. for travelers.


Berkshire Hathaway provides $36 for coverage but the higher your plan, the higher the cost.


  • It covers lost luggage.
  • It provides emergency travel assistance.


  • It has limited coverage.
  • The policy is expensive to purchase.


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Travel insurance is the type of insurance that covers unexpected events during travel, whether domestic or international trip. The coverage includes medical costs, loss of luggage, etc.

The best travel insurance for international travel covers mostly the unforeseen events in a flight trip from one country to another.

However, Seven Corners, being one of the best travel insurance for international travel covers the trip for both US residents and visitors. It offers a long-term insurance policy and student traveling option, distinguishing it from the others.


Below are the answers to some of your questions about travel insurance

What Is The Recommended Amount For International Travel?

The recommended amount for international travel is between 4-12% of your trip cost.

When Should I Buy Covid Travel Insurance?

It is advisable to buy COVID travel insurance when traveling abroad.

Is Covid Excluded From Travel Insurance?

It depends on the insured coverage and the provider of the coverage.

Does Travel Insurance Cover Cancellation Because Of Covid?

Yeah. If the traveler tests positive for Covid and the trip gets canceled, the travel insurance company will cover the cost of the trip cancellation.






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