Top 10 Best Options Trading Apps For Beginners 2023

The options market is one of the most convoluted and difficult markets to understand. It has the potential to make a lot of money if it’s in the hands of the right person.

If you have a lot of choices, how do you determine which one to use? For this reason, we have put up a list of the top 10 best options trading apps for beginners in 2023! It is possible to trade options and stocks using the current options trading applications and watch real-time market data.

Best Options Trading Apps For Beginners

List Of The Top 10 Best Options Trading Apps For Beginners

If you are looking to get started in option trading. There are many great Options Trading Apps available For Beginners, and the ones listed here are just 10 of the best.

TD Ameritrade

TD Ameritrade has two robust mobile applications and no commissions when you trade, making it a top candidate among mobile apps in 2023 for iPhone and Android smartphones. TD Ameritrade Mobile and thinkorswim are part of the package, which mimics the client’s online interface and has the same robust tools and comprehensive charting as the web and desktop versions.

Every day, investors will appreciate TD Ameritrade Mobile’s features such as news and price alerts, syncing watch lists, basic charting, and third-party ratings and research reports.

One of the most robust charting applications for mobile devices, the thinkorswim app includes more than 400 indicators. The architecture and design of the app also make it easy to create complicated order kinds. In addition to the TD Ameritrade Network, traders may access news headlines and TV broadcasts from CNBC, which are uninterrupted during the trading week.

Charles Schwab

Options trading with Charles Schwab is a great experience. Traders can use a platform geared toward options trading, and those new to options trading will find this an excellent alternative. The site is simple to use and offers all the proper materials you’ll need to trade options.


One of the best options for trading brokers is TradeStation. They provide a mobile trading app tailored to the needs of active traders. As a result, mobile option traders will find it an excellent alternative. Thanks to the app’s user-friendly interface, you may trade options with ease.


Fidelity’s investment app is the major solution for trading and everyday investing, and it is available for Android and iPhone. Fidelity’s investment app excels for daily investors, whether you’re handling your banking, transferring money between accounts, maintaining orders, or executing trades. It received our No. 1 Investor App award in 2023 for the fifth consecutive year.

Additionally, the app includes a tailored feed, news headlines, and research comparable with Fidelity’s Active Trader Pro desktop platform. Cons: The app’s charting is simple, and it’s not designed for day traders or other types of traders with higher expectations. Users can switch to a Beta Experience for a simpler version, but the layout is superb.


Because it provides a free platform for trading options, Robinhood is an excellent choice for first-time investors. Robinhood does not charge any fees or charges for option trading, and options trading may be a highly cost-effective method to get started.

In addition, the platform for Robinhood is extremely user-friendly. As a result, it is a straightforward and easy-to-use application, making it an excellent alternative for novices just beginning to trade options.


For options trading, Wealthfront is an excellent Robo-advisor. Using their computerized approach, you’ll be able to discover the ideal trading alternatives. They provide a free service trial so that you may evaluate it before making a purchase decision.


In terms of mobile apps, E*TRADE is at the top of the heap, with both iPhone and Android apps accessible. The Power E*TRADE app is aimed primarily toward trading, while the E*TRADE Mobile app is designed for daily investment.

E*TRADE Mobile offers a surprising depth and breadth of capabilities, making it ideal for novice and more experienced investors. Advanced research reports are available, as well as a charting package that includes ten indicators. Discovering new features is a breeze, thanks to a simple interface.

Power E*TRADE, on the other hand, includes more than 100 charting indicators and the ability to place more complicated trading orders, including advanced options orders. Although it’s a high-powered platform, it’s easy to use because of its current design and interface.

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How to Start Options Trading for Beginners 2023


eOption trading platform eOption is an excellent choice for novices interested in commodities. The site has numerous options to help you maximize your trade.

To test the platform before you put your money in, eOption provides demo accounts. Getting started with the platform is easy using this method. For those who aren’t ready to start trading immediately, a demo account lets you experience all the benefits of a genuine account.

Ally Invest

The Ally Invest discount broker is a wonderful alternative for options trading. Stock, ETF, and options trading is all free with Ally Invest. They also feature a very simple interface for those who are just getting started. The margin rates offered by Ally Invest are among the lowest in the market.

Interactive Brokers

For foreign traders, Interactive Brokers is one of the top options trading platforms. It provides a wide range of options trading features and tools. There’s a news feed in real-time, an economic calendar, an options calculator, and many more tools like this. IB features a user-friendly interface that is simple to navigate.

Options trading is one of the finest features of Interactive Brokers, thanks to minimal commissions. This is an excellent option when trying to save money on trading charges. The demo account offered by Interactive Brokers may be used to test the platform and its features before making a purchase.


How Do I Start Trading Options For Beginners?

If you’re a novice trader, there are some methods to get started. Before trading options, master the basics. To begin started, here are some ideas:

Learn about options trading by reading books or articles; those new to options trading should start here.

Consider taking an online course. The fundamentals of options trading may be learned through various respected courses.

Use a simulator for this. You may practice trading options in a risk-free environment using several brokerage simulators. With no risk to your money, this is an excellent way to learn the ropes.

Find a mentor to help you out. To start options trading, ask a friend or family member whether they would be willing to mentor you.

Use an online trading platform. After mastering options trading, open an online broker account.

What Is Safest Option Strategy?

For newcomers, there isn’t a single solution that is the “safest.” There are, however, some methods that are more likely to be successful. For example, purchasing options far out of the money tends to be less hazardous than buying options closer to the money.

This is because the less likely an option would expire worthless, the more out of the money it is. Selling options (such as puts or calls) instead of purchasing them is another secure method. You can gain money if the stock price doesn’t rise or fall, but you can also minimize your losses by selling options.

Is Options Trading Just Gambling?

Options trading is viewed as a kind of gambling by many individuals. On the other hand, this isn’t always the case. Even though options trading carries a degree of risk, it is feasible to profit from it if you know what you’re doing.

Trading options carries some risk, to be sure. You might lose money if you don’t accurately estimate the direction of the underlying stock. On the other hand, options trading may be lucrative if you know what you’re doing and are prepared to take on the associated risks.

How Much Money Do I Need For Options Trading?

To begin trading options, you’ll need to have some spare cash on hand. Your broker’s fees will have an impact on the final sum. Depending on the service, some brokers need a minimum deposit, while others don’t.

If you wish to trade options, you’ll also need enough money to cover the options’ costs. The average cost of an options contract is $100. Consequently, you’ll need $1,000 in your account to trade ten contracts at once.

What Is The Most Successful Option Strategy?

Numerous options methods have the potential to be profitable, and it all depends on the market and the trader’s objectives. Purchasing call options, buying put options, and selling covered calls are among the most common options strategies.

Most novices need to understand options techniques and how they work before they can begin trading. Many resources can assist with this. Trading options has some risk, so knowing what you’re getting yourself into is crucial before you start.


The Robinhood app is the most user-friendly way to get started trading options. This program is easy to use and has all the functionality a novice trader needs to get started in the options business. The company’s low commission rate enhances profitability.

Overall, Robinhood is the finest option trading program for novices. It’s simple and powerful that a novice trader needs to start options trading. Profitability is enhanced by having a low commission rate.

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