7 Best Mortgage Brokerage For New Agents In Canada 2022

In this article, you will learn about the best Mortgage brokers for new agents in Canada. The best mortgage had more applications than they could complete in a day, and those years were among the most hectic in the industry’s history.

Applying for a mortgage on your own may be a stressful ordeal. Knowing this, it’s easy to see why you’d prefer a qualified expert to handle everything.

You’re lucky since Toronto is home to some of Canada’s finest mortgage brokers who can help you get the best possible rate on a mortgage that suits your needs. This list has them all.

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  • 7 best mortgage brokerage for new agents in Canada
  • Answers to most of the frequently asked questions
Best Mortgage Brokerage For New Agents In Canada

7 Best Mortgage Brokerage For New Agents In Canada

For this reason, many Canadians engage with a mortgage broker when seeking pre-approval or approval. Mortgage brokers are qualified individuals that mediate deals between borrowers and lenders. Instead of immediately offering you a mortgage, they often provide you with a broad selection of alternatives from other lenders.

Why spend a lot of time deciding which mortgage broker to choose when employing a mortgage broker will save you the time you would otherwise spend browsing for rates? For you, we did the research. Here are our picks for Canada’s top mortgage brokers.

1. Nesto

By comparing various rates, Nesto, which venture capital firm Diagram owns, connects applicants with the most affordable mortgage rates. They have access to fantastic mortgage interest rates that the client may not be aware of and can give them.

Along with their meager prices, Nesto also touts a straightforward application procedure and top-notch customer service. They are also Canada’s first internet mortgage provider, a bonus.

In the application process, Nesto personnel work with you to get the best mortgage possible; unlike other mortgage experts or brokers, they do not receive a commission; instead, they make a concerted effort to provide each customer with possibilities that are entirely impartial.

And all customers get their services for free. This indicates that they reject profit maximization in favor of a customer-focused approach.


  • When you deal directly with a bank, the mortgage application procedure is more straightforward than it usually is.
  • No need to haggle over prices; you are given the lowest cost immediately.
  • Employees at Nesto are not compensated for recommending expensive products to clients.


  • Only rates from Nesto’s loan partners are available to you. Banks or mortgage lenders not affiliated with Nesto could provide better rates.
  • No in-person encounters
  • Nesto is a new startup, so some individuals could find it unsettling.

2. QuestMortgage 

A new service called QuestMortgage seeks to simplify the mortgage application process more than before. The online-only brokerage service QuestMortgage, a member of the Questrade Financial Group, enables consumers to submit a mortgage application without having to schedule several in-person appointments with their neighborhood bank.

You may apply for a mortgage with QuestMortgage, either online or via their app. The system will ask you to provide basic information to establish a free account, after which you can start the application procedure. The process is simple; after choosing the mortgage you want and the associated rates, you apply for approval via the app or the online interface.

Selecting a variable mortgage rate involves some risk. Although the rate is less, it will fluctuate with the national prime rate. Provided the interest rate remains low or falls over time, you may be able to save money on a variable mortgage if you can tolerate the price fluctuations. QuestMortgage currently provides variable-rate mortgages for as little as 2.15% on a 5-year commitment or 2.25% on a 3-year commitment.


  • Low rates. QuestMortgage has low rates. The company can provide affordable rates since it doesn’t have to operate and maintain physical locations.
  • Usability. The mortgage application process includes many meetings and a ton of paperwork (and is expensive). Buying a home adds to the stress, and you must pick a broker and mortgage package carefully.


  • Online support restrictions. Online service QuestMortgage offers online customer support. Conventional mortgage application contains flaws.
  • Canada-wide is inaccessible. QuestMortgage doesn’t cover Quebec or the territories.

3. Homewise

In the previous system, lenders (banks or others) often had a few alternatives accessible, making it challenging to discover the lowest rates. As a result, it was often up to the applicant to get a cheap rate.

Homewise provides answers to both problems.

First off, you can research mortgage rate possibilities without leaving your house. Following the approval of your application, a personal mortgage specialist will be assigned to you, who will assist you in selecting from among the numerous mortgage interest rates Homewise has obtained from more than 30 different lenders.

Second, interest rates are now at their lowest point. Homewise collaborates with more than 30 different banks and private mortgage businesses to obtain the best mortgage rate for each client. This rate is based on several variables, including credit history, income, prior loans that are already taken out, etc.

The banks that Homewise works with pay them for each recommendation. Therefore, there is no motivation for Homewise mortgage professionals to recommend high rates to clients for them to get a greater fee.

They match each client with a mortgage rate ideal for their circumstance and, at the very lowest point in the market, benefits the lender and Homewise more.


  • Free, individualized assistance It’s hard to criticize a business that provides everything for free.
  • At Homewise, confidentiality is paramount, and your financial data is safeguarded and encrypted. They won’t divulge any of their data to outside advertising.
  • The initial point is low prices and no haggling. You get to choose the one that suits you the most from among the nation’s lowest mortgage rates.
  • These days, convenience cannot be stressed. People are busy, so if another service can be made simpler.


  • Some individuals may miss face-to-face interaction. Making an appointment to discuss your mortgage’s “p’s and q’s” may give you time to think about your situation and pick the best course of action.
  • There are no rates before acceptance. Each customer must complete a 5-minute inquiry before seeing mortgage rates. A Homewise mortgage specialist may contact you two or three days after approval.
  • Prices may not be competitive. Homewise collects mortgage rates from over 30 banks and private brokerages, but a smaller bank, credit union, or company may offer a lower rate.

4. True North

Calgary is where the True North mortgage agency was established in 2003. In addition to providing mortgages to Canadians all around the nation, True North also provides an online shopping experience in 11 distinct locations.

These physical locations give this brokerage a significant edge over the other online choices if you value the trust developed in face-to-face conversations.

True North depends on volume discounts from its lenders, which it may subsequently pass to the customer. Like all other online mortgage brokers, True North’s services are open to everyone.

They have been around longer than the other choices on our list; thus, they also have more testimonials to back them up. It’s impressive that the organization has assisted in matching Canadians with mortgages totaling more than $15 billion. More internet reviews than any other mortgage brokerage in the nation are also available for them.


  • Experienced mortgage brokers
  • Offer services at retail establishments and online


  • They are a very young lender and lack the storied history of large banks.

5.  Tangerine

Tangerine, the most well-liked online bank in Canada, also provides some of the most affordable mortgage interest rates. When Tangerine was introduced as ING DIRECT in 1997, it aimed to overcome the drawbacks of conventional banking, such as low-interest rates, exorbitant banking fees, and service expenses.

At Tangerine, fixed-rate mortgages have a 120-day hold period during which you can prepare your application, supporting papers, and cash.

Nevertheless, you will receive the difference between the Tangerine Prime Rate and the stated rate during the guarantee period if you choose the 5-year variable rate. The distinction between the Prime rate and the offered rate will not alter throughout the hold period, even if the Prime rate is subject to change at any time.

Up to 25% of your initial mortgage balance can be paid off in one lump sum each year. Furthermore, you can increase your recurring mortgage payments by 25% of your first mortgage payment. Any payment date is acceptable for doing this.

Tangerine aims to provide homebuyers peace of mind by providing a safe lock-in term, flexible prepayment alternatives, and some of the best mortgage rates.


  • Competitive mortgage rates, fixed
  • Continuous digital services
  • Prepayment privileges 25/25
  • Most mortgages have a specific holding period of 120 days.
  • Portable loans


  • Mortgages with variable rates for only five years
  • Not accessible to anyone with bad credit or bankruptcy records

6. Meridian

With $27.2 billion in assets under administration, Meridian is the biggest credit union in Ontario. Meridian is a member of the Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Ontario and offers its members a wide variety of financial products through a network of 89 locations throughout Ontario (FSRA).

Chequing and savings accounts, mortgages, investments, credit cards, personal loans, insurance, and more are all available via Meridian.

Hybrid mortgages, a unique service provided by Meridian, enable lenders to borrow up to 80% of the purchase price. A traditional mortgage must account for at least 20% of the total, with a maximum loan share of 60%. You will require a down payment of at least 20% to apply for this kind of mortgage.

Whether you’re remodeling or building a new home, you may get some of the lowest mortgage rates at Meridian. The mortgage is divided into installments you receive when your house is built or renovated. Up to the project’s completion, monthly payments are interest-only. Your payments after construction will be a mix of principle and interest.


  • Mortgage interest rates that are noticeably lower
  • A wide range of mortgage products
  • Kinship and friendship, building, and hybrid mortgages
  • Skip-a-payment
  • Adaptable repayment terms
  • You can receive 3% cash back with some fixed and variable mortgages.
  • 20% lump sum prepayment and 20% regular payment increase


  • It is only active in Ontario
  • Sub-par website performance

7. Motusbank

Motusbank, a new participant in Canada’s virtual banking market, offers full-service financing options at impressively low costs. Customers are prioritized by being turned into members because motusbank doesn’t have publicly traded stockholders.

Motusbank’s vibrant and dynamic website attracts customers. It has many features, including in-depth articles, affordability calculators, and more. It is a one-stop digital shop for all Canadians’ financial requirements.

Motusbank also provides a mortgage for shared ownership known as “Friends and Family Mortgage.” This package can be included in any situation, including moving into a new home with friends, refinancing an existing home, or changing lenders.


  • Quick and practical
  • Rich in features website
  • Competitive mortgage rates, both fixed and variable
  • Allows you to increase your monthly payment by up to 20% of your initial payment schedule each year without incurring penalties or to pay up to 20% of the original principal each year.
  • A 90-day stress-free lockout period


  • It has fewer customer reviews and is still very new.
  • No meetings with lenders in person

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Purchasing a house may be a thrilling but challenging process. You should constantly be informed about the most current mortgage interest rates, variables impacting those rates, and prepayment penalties because it’s likely to be your greatest asset.

With an open mortgage, you can pay off the entire balance in a single payment or make more repayments overall. The prepayment of closed mortgages is either prohibited or subject to fees.

If you compare mortgage interest rates, you’ll discover that closed mortgages have low rates, whereas open mortgages have higher rates.

The prepayment penalties on closed mortgages are lower than those on closed fixed-rate mortgages, and they have some of the best variable mortgage rates. Closed mortgages are a common choice in Canada in part because of this.


Is It Hard To Get Clients As A Mortgage Broker?

Due to intense competition in the mortgage business, many mortgage brokers must produce their leads. Lead generation generates significant interest in your goods and services for your business to succeed.

Can Mortgage Brokers Be A Side Hustle?

Yes, it is possible to live well, but you must work hard. One of the most prominent myths is the “part-time mortgage broker” notion: you may start thinking about this after one or two years in the position.

Are Mortgage Brokers In High Demand?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects an 11% rise in demand for the occupation between 2016 and 2026. This percentage is significantly higher than the national average for all occupations, making working as a mortgage broker a fantastic choice for anyone interested in finance.

How Much Does A Mortgage Broker Make On One Deal?

Mortgage brokers are authorized individuals who match clients with lenders but do not make loans. They usually get paid 1% to 2% of the loan amount from either the borrower or the lender for each contract they arrange.

How Do Mortgage Agents Get Their First Client?

One of the simplest methods to get leads when you’re just starting as a mortgage broker is to ask for recommendations. A fantastic strategy to meet new, potential clients is to ask friends, relatives, and even former coworkers for introductions.

How Do New Mortgage Agents Get Clients?

One of the simplest methods to get leads when starting as a mortgage broker is to ask for recommendations. It’s a good idea to ask friends, relatives, and even former coworkers for introductions to new, potential clients.

You can learn more from the video below:

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