10 Best Forex Brokers With Affiliate Programs

Forex trading is one of the most popular financial activities in the world. Forex traders use a variety of forex brokers to execute their trades. Some of the best forex brokers with affiliate programs offer great customer support, as well as special features and benefits for their affiliates.

best forex brokers with affiliate programs

What is Forex Affiliate?

Forex affiliates are people who promote a particular Forex platform and may not trade themselves. This can also be called a broker affiliate program. There are many Forex affiliate programs. The best often offer high commission rates. It is very easy. Sign up on these platforms to receive your unique affiliate link. This link can be shared on your blog and social media accounts. Clicking on the link will create a cookie in your browser. If they register and deposit funds, you’ll make a profit.

Forex Affiliate Pros

  • You don’t need to make Forex deposits if you wish to promote the platform.
  • Low upfront fees are necessary, making it a viable option for those with a tight budget.
  • There are a lot of ways to promote affiliate links. You can use blogs, websites and mobile apps.

Forex Affiliate Cons

There are many people trying to promote affiliate links in the market. It is difficult to get started in affiliate marketing if you are just starting out.

It may be more difficult to get up and running if there aren’t enough funds to invest in hosting, domains, and websites to promote your links.

 List of 10 Best Forex Brokers with Affiliate Programs   

Forex trading is a highly speculative investment and can be very dangerous. That’s why it’s important to use a reputable forex broker with an affiliate program. Here are 10 of the best forex brokers with affiliate programs.

1. The Traders Union Affiliate Program  

The Traders Union Affiliate Program ranks as the best program on the market. It allows you to earn a return from multiple brokers, not just one. Our statistics show that traders often open accounts with multiple brokers at once. It can be difficult to apply for all programs for each partner. TU has partnered over 100 brokers to offer a solution. No matter which broker the client chooses to work with, you will still earn a portion of their return.

The program also offers the following :

  • High average returns – 10% for each client referred, 5% for every client referred by you.
  • The two-tier system allows for a higher return on your investment in building your own network.

Detailed affiliate statistics.

  • A wide range of promotional materials are available to help you attract new clients.
  • You can get individual conditions based on your partner’s needs.
  • Referring friends will reap clear benefits through the rebate on each Forex transaction.

Special Bonus

  • Write an article on TU to earn $20 towards your Affiliate Account
  • To participate in the promotion, your website must meet these criteria:
  • Domain Authority – Minimum 20;
  • Website age: at least 180 days;
  • Spam Score: Below 4%
  • A page must be indexed on Google;
  • The link that uses the Dofollow format.
  • Without the “Sponsored” inscription.

2. FxPro – Introducer Program / Affiliate Program

FxPro is a reputable broker that specializes on Forex, CFDs and other markets. FxPro offers clients access to a demo account with a $100 minimum deposit for a real account. Leverage of 1:200 helps increase profits and reduce losses.

FxPro Partner offers you the opportunity to earn up to 62.5% on spread revenue from leads you generate. FxPro Partner offers two earning options. This allows you to choose the option that best suits your needs and preferences.

You can introduce others to the platform, and in return, make a profit. You can choose to be an Introducer in the FxPro Partner Program.

  • FX Minor
  • FX Exotic
  • FX Major

Based on trading volume, the commission earned is calculated. You will receive a $35-$45 commission fee for every $1 million traded under your account.

You can also join the classic affiliate program, where you can share a link and earn profit from clients who refer you to the platform. You have access to many promotional tools through the platform. Affiliate commissions may reach up to $1,100 per referee, depending on how much they deposit into their FxPro accounts.

FxPro is open to all account types. We can help you find the right resources for your marketing strategy. You can access widgets to place on blogs or websites as well as calendars for research.

3. XM – Partner Program

Affiliate marketers will love the low minimum deposit of XM. Your chances of getting people signed up and making their deposit are much higher with a $5 minimum deposit. The XM Partner Program offers everyone the chance to earn money from their referrals. Multiple commissions can be earned from one client. The commission rate can reach up to $25 per lot. Referrals to the second-tier level earn you 10%, while the platform supports 25 languages.

Each affiliate who registers as a partner with XM will receive a personal account manager. This will greatly increase your chances of making a profit through the program. These managers have extensive knowledge in affiliate marketing and Forex trading. This means that you will get a professional to guide you on your journey.

Signing up to become an XM Partner is free. The company is licensed and regulated. There are 16 platforms. You can also use XM’s bonuses on deposits and leverage up to 888 to increase sales.

4. Admiral Markets – Media Partner

Admiral Markets’ affiliate program is simple and straightforward. It allows you to earn commissions for your efforts in just four steps. You will have access to a variety of promotional materials, such as banners, once you register. These resources can be used to promote the affiliate link that you have been given after registration.

Admiral Markets will pay you up to $600 for each successful sale you refer. The amount of money that is deposited into the client’s account determines the specific commission. You have a variety of withdrawal options and payments are processed quickly. Admiral Markets provides 24/7 access to their portal for affiliates. You can count on the support team to guide you and answer any questions.

5. AvaTrade – Partner Program

AvaPartner is the platform it focuses on helping affiliates promote AvaTrade. AvaTrade is unique in that they offer high commissions for successful referrals made through your affiliate links. Flexible payment arrangements allow you to choose how much you want to make.

For promotional purposes, the affiliate dashboard has creative media. Creative support teams can also help you choose the right banners or promotional materials for your campaigns. You will have an individual response from an affiliate manager.

AvaPartner offers a full reporting system that gives you an overview of your earnings, referrals and performance of your affiliate accounts.

6. eToro – Partner Network

Signing up on eToro allows you to start copying trades made by other members. Every member has a profile that shows their risk and gives an overview of all trades. This is an excellent option for affiliate marketers looking to teach new traders – and make money.

Since the inception of this platform, the eToro Partners Program paid over $400 million in fees for affiliates. It is available in over 20 languages and used by more than 20 million people around the globe.

You instantly have access to a variety of professional tools once you register on the eToro Partners Network. These tools can be used to increase click-through rates and to register accounts. eToro Partners cares about providing support. After registration, you will be able to access a professional to serve as your manager.

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7. FXCM Affiliates – Affiliate Network

FXCM Affiliates allows you to sign up free of cost. There are no affiliate fees. Your affiliate account will not automatically be activated. The application will be reviewed and you will receive a response within five business days.

FXCM requires that you meet certain requirements in order to be eligible to sign up. You must be at least 18 years old to apply. FXCM will need to see a description of your plans for driving traffic to the affiliate links. Websites, mobile apps, and blogs are all accepted by the affiliate platform, provided they relate to trading or the financial industry. Before your account approval is granted, the FXCM affiliate team will review the properties you submitted during registration.

After approval, you will be able to sign in to the Affiliate Management System. You will have access to marketing tools and tracking tools.

8. Swissquote

Swissquote, a multi-asset trading platform, can be used to execute different trading strategies. The company offers crypto, Forex, and other assets. Swissquote is a trading platform. It also offers investors the opportunity to invest.

There are two options when you register as a Swissquote partner. You have two options when it comes to becoming a partner at Swissquote. The first is an affiliate program that lets you share your affiliate link and earn a reward for someone who registers and funds their account. While the Introducing Brokers Partnership plan is more rewarding, it may require you to put in more effort. You will receive rewards in CHF. Referring others to Swissquote is possible for both private clients as well as institutions. There are many account types available on Swissquote.

9.BlackBull Affiliates – Best Program For Internet Marketers

BlackBull Markets affiliate program is BlackBull Affiliates. This is an FX broker of top quality with a great reputation and a global trusted presence. This program is perfect for online marketers who use their website, email, and social media to reach potential customers without dealing with them directly.

This program can be promoted without a website. BlackBull Affiliates, a new network of affiliates in the Forex industry, is a fascinating one. BlackBull is a leader in the use of all the most recent technologies. Each aspect of the affiliate program was carefully designed to meet the needs of forward-thinking internet marketers in an ever-changing financial referral marketplace.

  • Commission: Maximum $600 CPA per Client
  • Neteller, UnionPay, Skrill and Bank Transfer

10. Hotforex Partners – Best for MT4 and/or MT5 Analytics

Hotforex’s affiliate program allows you to become a Forex broker affiliate. According to the website’s front page, you will experience a boom when you exit the Forex market. Hotforex, a Mauritius-based Forex broker, has a registered system. Visit their website to find out more information and their contact information. Affiliates receive around $100 in commissions. These can be withdrawn in many ways including alerts, paying online, bank checks, or online money. Affiliate payments are sent at the end each month.

  • Commission: 60% Revenue Share and 25% Partner Referral
  • Skrill, Netteller and Bank Transfer

 How Much Can I Earn By Broker’s Affiliate Program?    

A few factors affect the earning potential. Consider the commissions that are paid by the affiliate program you wish to join. Different programs pay different amounts. The amount of work that you put into your program also has an impact on how much you could earn. You may be able to earn more by spending more time promoting your affiliate links. However, this is only possible if you share relevant content and use the right techniques. To earn $1,000 per month, you will only need five people to sign up for your referral program and make a deposit.

Should I Try  Forex Affiliate Program?  

Forex affiliate programs offer many benefits. You don’t have to invest or make deposits. You don’t have to do extensive research in order to identify the best trading pairs for setting up new transactions. You simply need to share an affiliate link. Every person who makes a deposit through that link earns you a commission. There are very few risks involved and it is possible to get started for a small amount. Some people even start with no investment and then grow. Forex affiliate marketing is worth trying. Even if you don’t succeed, it won’t cost you much.


We have found the best forex brokers with affiliate programs. Their platforms provide excellent tools for traders, and their affiliate programs offer great opportunities for commission earnings. If you are interested in getting started in forex trading, make sure to check out one of these brokers!

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