5 Best Authenticator Apps for Crypto (2FA Apps)

This article will explore the best authenticator apps for crypto. Kindly read through for detailed information.

Nothing is one hundred% secure and protected online. But this does not mean you stop using the invention of the second half of the 20th century (the Internet).

You can make your presence safer, secure, and extremely tough for the online bad guys to breach it.

This is Where two-factor authentication apps come into the picture; they act as an extra wall of protection after you must have filled in an account’s password.

All the two-factor authentication apps that generate one-time codes listed here can function offline. So let us look at the five best authentication apps for crypto.

Best Authenticator Apps For Crypto
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What is an Authenticator App for Crypto?

An authenticator app is installed on a smartphone, generating a 6-8-digit code every 30 seconds.

The code can be used for signing in, trading, depositing, or withdrawing funds from your account or as a Master Key.

Are Crypto Authenticator Apps Secured?

To break into an account secured with an authenticator app, an attacker or hacker would need to access the user’s secret key and the encryption algorithm or spoof that one-time, one-direction code.

List of the 5 Best Authenticator Apps for Crypto

Here is the list of the 5 best authenticator apps for crypto:

 #1. Google Authenticator

Operating systems: AndroidiOS

this is a software-based authenticator by Google that implements 2-step verification services using the Time-based One-time Password Algorithm and the HMAC-based One-time Password algorithm for authenticating users of software applications.

Though Google Authenticator lacks some useful features, it’s an excellent option if you do not want to get involved with storing tokens in the cloud.


  • There is no need to create an account,
  • There is Face ID/Touch ID protection for app access (iOS version only),
  • It has a Simplified interface with minimal settings,
  • Ability to import and export all tokens at once,
  • Has the ability to search by token name (iOS version only).


  • There is No login protection (Android version),
  • Inability to hide codes,
  • There is No cloud backup/sync,
  • There is a greater potential risk because of the ease of exporting tokens when the unlocked app falls into the wrong hands.

#2. Microsoft Authenticator

Operating systems: AndroidiOS

Microsoft Authenticator app enables you to sign in to your accounts using two-factor verification. Two-factor verification helps you use your accounts securely because your passwords can be forgotten, stolen, or even compromised.


  • There is PIN-, fingerprint-, or Face ID–protected access,
  • There is Cloud backup/sync,
  • It Hides codes,
  • There is No account required (as long as you keep cloud backup disabled),
  • excellent simplified Microsoft account login,
  • Support for Apple Watch (iOS version).


  • Microsoft account login necessary for backup/sync (only available for Android version),
  • Incompatibility between Android and ios backup/sync systems,
  • Inability to import or export tokens,
  • Large (requires 150MB–200MB).

 #3. Twilio Authy

Operating systems: AndroidiOSWindows, macOS, Linux

This is one of the best authenticator apps for crypto, and The main advantage of this app is its comprehensive cross-platform support.

Not only does it offer versions for all current operating systems, but it also syncs them all handily.

That easy access does come with one disadvantage, though. This app requires an account linked to your phone number to work at all.


  • There is PIN-, fingerprint-, or Face ID–protected access,
  • Cloud backup/sync,
  • Availability for all popular operating systems,
  • Support for Apple Watch (iOS version),
  • Ability to search for a token.


  • It Requires an account linked to a phone number,
  • It Displays only one token at a time,
  • The inconvenience of searching for tokens,
  • Inability to hide active token’s code,
  • Inability to import and export tokens.

You cannot use Authy without setting up an account, and the interface isn’t as user-friendly as we would like it to be, but with apps for all operating systems syncing perfectly, the app may be worth a look.


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 #4. Cisco Duo Mobile

Operating systems: AndroidiOS

Duo Mobile is one of the oldest and best authenticator apps for crypto available. Its main advantage is a clean, user-friendly interface, and it also hides codes from view and does not require an account.

However, it lacks some other important features: first and foremost, access protection, which neither the iOS nor the Android version has.

Duo Mobile uses two systems for cloud backup: the Google Cloud on the Android platform and the iCloud on the iOS platform.


  • It has a clean, user-friendly interface,
  • The ability to hide codes,
  • There is no need to create an account,
  • There is Cloud backup/sync,
  • Apple Watch support (iOS version).


  • There is No access protection,
  • Inability to import and export tokens,
  • Incompatible backup/sync systems for Android and ios.

Duo Mobile may meet all your needs if you use, and plan always to use, only one mobile operating system.

 #5. andOTP

Operating systems: Android

The andOTP has all you can think of to conveniently and securely save tokens; for example, andOTP’s features include tag support and search for tokens by name.

There is also an option to connect a “panic button” so that you can erase all tokens from the app in case of an emergency and then reset.


  • Access protection with a PIN or password set in the app, or with the OS login PIN or fingerprint,
  • There is the ability to view the secret key or QR code for any token,
  • There is also the ability to export all tokens at once to an encrypted file in Google Drive,
  • There is Code-hiding,
  • Automatic hiding of codes when the user is inactive (after 5–60 seconds, configurable),
  • Automatic locking of the app when the user is inactive (after 10–360 seconds, configurable),
  •  token searching by name or using customizable tags,
  • There is an option to use the panic button to erase all tokens,
  • Flexible and plentiful settings.


  • Available for Android-only
  • Ease of key retrieval, meaning greater risk when the unlocked app falls into the wrong hands.

andOTP is the most feature-rich authenticator app for Android and is sure to please all authenticator geeks.

The Best Authenticator Apps for iPhone Crypto

Below is the list of the best authenticator apps for crypto for iPhone users, and they are listed below:

  • Microsoft Authenticator


  • Google Authenticator


  • TOTP Authenticator


  • 2FAS Auth


  • LastPass Authenticator


How do I Connect Google Authenticator to Crypto?

From the settings menu in Crypto.com app, enable the 2FA toggle. Scan the QR code with an authentication app or copy the code to add it manually by pressing on the small paper icon.

Minimize the Crypto.com app and open up the Authenticator app. In the Authenticator app, select the option to add another account.

Which Authenticator App is Best for Coinbase?

Duo and Google Authenticator (TOTP)

These apps generate a one-time code based on both of these factors:

  • The current time and date on your phone and
  • A secret key is known to you only and Coinbase.

Coinbase displays or shows you a QR code representing the secret key, which you will need to scan using an Authenticator app on your mobile.

Kindly drop your view on the best authenticator apps for crypto in the comment section below.

 Watch the video below to know the best authenticator apps for crypto:

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