Top 10 Best Apps For Options Trading iPhone  

There are many apps available for options trading on the iPhone, but which are the best? In this article, we will take a look at some of the best options trading apps available.

best apps for options trading iphone

List Of Top 10 Best Apps For Options Trading iPhone

There are a lot of options trading apps on the market, but which are the best? Here are our top 10 picks.

1. Tastyworks

You’re likely to have been impressed by the broker’s extensive range of charting and analysis options if you’ve ever used the tastyworks browser or desktop platform. With the release of a new app for Android, Windows, and Apple devices, tastyworks now offers mobile services.

Tastyworks mobile app features a variety of analysis and charting tools that mimic its desktop platform, but in a simplified format that is optimized for mobile. The tastyworks app has many unique features, including:

  • Easily follow and watchlist creation: Organize your trading portfolio by creating a quick watchlist in just a few clicks. Tastyworks’ “Followfeed” feature allows you to keep track of specific trading personalities and trades throughout the day.
  • Trading inspiration: In-platform video feeds Enjoy 8 hours of live content every trading day powered by tastytrade. It’s one of the most popular financial programming networks on the internet. A wide variety of prerecorded trading videos can be found to help you improve your strategy right from your mobile device.
  • Simple order placements: Tastyworks mobile app is optimized to work on handheld devices. It allows you to access complex order types and placements with less weight than the desktop version.

The delicious works mobile app is an ideal option for investors who require comprehensive options and future capabilities in a format that is convenient for trading on the go. The app’s easy order placement and in-depth analysis will appeal to active traders.

2. Webull

Webull is one of the largest options and stock trading platforms in the world, with over 11 million users. Webull does not charge commissions for trading, including options trading, unlike most brokers.

The Webull mobile app allows you to trade options, track your portfolio over time and practice with a paper trading account. The mobile app offers many unique features that make it stand out from other brokers.

  • Voice commands for mobile voice: Orders and research can be done using voice commands, such as buy, sell or search.
  • Advanced order options: Webull has recently introduced more advanced order types, including stop-loss orders and one-cancels-the-other (OCO) orders to its mobile platform.
  • Advanced Market Data: A Webull subscription allows you to access Level 1 and 2 market data, no matter where you live.

For Android and Apple users, the Webull app can be downloaded free of charge. The Webull desktop app is also available for Windows users. It makes trade executions faster and easier. Webull plans to expand the options order types and offer Level 3 options. Options trading is possible through Webull every trading day from 9:30 a.m. until 4 p.m. Eastern Standard Time.

3. Interactive Brokers

WIth IBKR The options commissions for US options contracts range from USD 0.15 up to USD 0.65.

The company has a powerful and award-winning trading platform with tools that are available on mobile, desktop, and web. On a single screen, you can view and trade multiple product classes and asset classes as well as market data.

No matter where you are, you can keep track of your portfolio and market movements. You can trade and manage your options anywhere you are with the IBKR Mobile App.

OptionTrader shows market data for the underpinning, allows you to create and manage options orders including combinations orders, and gives you the most comprehensive view of all available option chains on one screen

4. Robinhood

It’s easy for a novice investor to get overwhelmed by the number of trading and charting options available at most brokerages. Robinhood’s mobile platform is a simple way for investors to start trading.

Robinhood’s platform makes it easy to buy and sell options, just like stock and ETF trading. Simply browse the available options, then click on a potential order. You’ll see exactly what you are buying and how much it will set you back. Both desktop and mobile versions of Level 2 and 3 self-directed options strategies, as well as Level 3 options orders (like credit spreads), are currently available.

Robinhood charges no commissions for options sales or purchases, and there are no per-contract fees nor assignment fees. To access options trading, you will need a Robinhood Gold membership. However, you won’t need one to access the more detailed market research. A subscription costs $5 per monthly.

Robinhood’s mobile application is free to download on both Android and Apple devices.

Mobile options trading is becoming more popular as brokers offer more options trading. Although trading options via a mobile app is more complex than from a desktop platform, it’s possible to trade on the go with a brokerage account.

Are you unsure where to start your search for the best broker platform? If you are looking for mobile trading options, consider opening an account with one of our top picks.

5.Thinkorswim Mobile App

TD Ameritrade’s professional software, thinkorswim, has been a winner and has won awards. The mobile version of thinkorswim by TD Ameritrade mirrors the desktop version and offers almost all options and tools that are available in its browser version. There are some outstanding features like:

  • Wide range of indicators and charting options: Get over 300 trading indicators and charting features from the thinkorswim app to do the most detailed trading.
  • Profit analysis features: With thinkorswim’s portfolio analysis tool, you can answer all your trading “what-ifs”. This analysis tool will help you spot potential opportunities as well as volatile risk areas to help protect yourself from market downturns.
  • Demo trading without risk: It can be difficult to master thinkorswim’s vast array of features. Open a demo account with thinkorswim Papermoney to practice your trades and learn from the pros.

The thinkorswim app by TD Ameritrade is free to download on both Android and Apple devices. Most options trades are subject to a $0.65 per contract fee. Platform fees and account minimums are not applicable to options trades for most account types.


ETRADE’s mobile application is another great app for options traders. It features an easy-to-use, intuitive order placement system and interface. Power ETRADE gives you access to 67 market screens, simple and complex order chains for options and an unusual activity scanner that will help you identify potential trading opportunities.

The app makes it easy to place 3-leg and 4-leg options trades. You can also download an Apple Watch-compatible version to help you manage your portfolio while on the move.

ETRADE’s mobile application is free to download on both Android and Apple devices. Option contracts have a $.50-$.65 per-contract fee depending on the trade volume.

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7. Fidelity Investments

Fidelity’s mobile app is highly rated by its users. It offers real-time quotes and advanced options trading strategies, as well as streamlined access to investment research. Fidelity offers a personalized app experience for its youth account, which includes in-app educational materials.

Fidelity charges a higher margin rate for stock purchases, but its account fees (lower than any other apps on this list) are zero. Fidelity’s trading fees are also zero unless it is a mutual fund.

Fidelity’s app offers many educational resources and research tools that will help you learn more about any market before you make the leap. This app is great if you are an investor or have a better understanding of how to seed your money.

8.Ally Invest

Although the mobile app for Ally Invest works well, it lacks a lot of functionality. The mobile app does not allow you to trade in stocks or ETFs. There are no other options. Fixed income and mutual funds trades must be done online.

You can view recent activity and transfer assets among Ally platform accounts. This includes interest-bearing Ally Bank savings and Ally Invest accounts. You will also find key menu items at bottom of the screen that allows you to view account holdings, trade, orders, research, and watchlists.

Investors can choose from stocks/ETFs or options in the trading area. You can choose security from your watchlist, or enter a symbol onto the trading screen. Then, the appropriate menu will appear to allow you to buy or sell, type of order, levels, etc.

You can choose an options strategy, and then be prompted to choose the strikes you want. These strikes can also easily be changed. Once you have entered the necessary data, the order entry screen will take you through the order review and confirmation process.

A research page is also available on the mobile app. It contains news headlines, quotes, market indices and performance for the current date, as well as a list NYSE market movers. The mobile app did not have screeners, but you could select a security to access useful technical data and fundamental information.

The mobile app is likely to meet the trading needs of traders who already know what they want. The website will provide limited information and charts when searching for individual securities. However, investors can search the site using all of the screeners and other tools to find investment ideas.

9. Vanguard

Vanguard’s Mobile apps allow investors to trade stocks and bonds, mutual funds ETFs, and other options. This is a great choice for retirement investors but active traders might want to have more options, such as forex or futures trading.

Vanguard’s website offers a variety of resources and tools for retirement planning. The majority of investing education content is focused on helping you to set financial goals and make a plan for how you will achieve them.

Vanguard will be your broker. You will have access video, podcasts, and articles that will help you make informed long-term decisions and inform you about the market.

Vanguard places you and your investment results first by moving brokerage account cash balances to money market funds at a low-cost ratio. Vanguard will also pay 0.75% interest for idle cash when you use the VMFXX Federal Money Market Fund.

10. J.P. Morgan’s

J.P. The Morgan mobile app allows you to start investing and manage your portfolio. The Self Directed Investing App connects to Chase accounts. This makes it easy for Chase customers to trade stocks, ETFs, and options as well as mutual funds.

An easy-to-use platform. This is an easy way to start investing in stocks and manage your portfolio.

App connects all Chase accounts: If you are a Chase customer, you may find it very attractive to be able to see all your Chase accounts from investments to checking.

No minimum account: You can save and invest with any amount you choose.


Trade Options With Your Phone

Yes. As options trading grows in popularity, more brokers offer mobile trading. Although trading options via a mobile app is more complex than from a desktop platform, it’s possible to trade on the go with a brokerage account. With a little practice and the right brokerage account, you can do so in no time.

What Is The Best Options Trading Tool?

  • TD Ameritrade – Best overall options trading platform with tools.
  • ETRADE is the best web-based option trading platform.
  • Interactive Brokers: Best for professional option traders.
  • Fidelity is best for beginners.
  • TradeStation – Best options platform technology.


These apps make it easy to track your positions, analyze market data, and make trades. They’re all well-designed and easy to use, making them perfect for beginner traders or those who want to take their options trading to the next level.

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