How to Buy Astro Swap Coin – A Complete Guide

This article will discuss how to buy Astro Swap Coin. Astro swap coin is a crypto asset that operates on the binance smart chain (BEP 20) platform.

What is Astro Swap?

Astro Swap is a known DEX built for loyal users on the Cardano ecosystem. The project is slated to launch on Adapad and is powered by the Wagyu swap team.

Astro Swap Coin
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Astro Swap Mainnet Launch Date

Astro swap already introduced a smart contract to its Mainnet last year September. Since its introduction, the ecosystem has seen massive development in NFTs, Dapps, and other blockchain-based products.

Astro swap would have launched in the previous year, but due to some issues with KEV and Cardano, it is now slated to embark fully on the 28th of January 2022.

Where to Buy Astro Swap Coin

Investors and traders interested in buying Astro swap coins can purchase the coin from these platforms.

  • is a leading trading and exchange platform where traders and investors can trade on different crypto assets. They offer safe, secured, and highly transparent transactions.

  • Pancakeswap (V2)

Pancakeswap is a decentralized exchange platform that users can use for swapping and exchanging for many crypto assets on the binance smart chain network.

  • Wagyu Swap

Wagyu Swap is another decentralized exchange that enables traders and investors to trade on multiple cryptocurrencies. The platform is built on the Velas platform, a fast EMV chain.

Astro Swap Contract Address

The contract address for Astro Swap that is available on both coin market cap and coin gecko is 0x72eB7CA07399Ec402c5b7aa6A65752B6A1Dc0C27

How to Buy Astro Swap Coin

Those interested in buying the Astro Swap coin can consider these easy steps to make the purchase.

  • Register on an Exchange

You need to register with an exchange platform to purchase this crypto asset, and this platform will enable you to deposit funds and buy the coin.

  • Buy a Major Cryptocurrency

You can use the deposited fund to purchase a major digital currency on the exchange. You will need a sufficient amount of this crypto asset to swap for the Astro Swap.

  • Transfer the Major Asset to an Altcoin Exchange

Having purchased this major crypto-asset, transfer the worth of this crypto asset to an altcoin exchange that supports the purchase of the Astro swap.

  • Swap for Astro Swap

Once your account is credited, you can swap your already deposited crypto asset for the Astro Swap Coin. Make sure you put your desired amount of the significant asset you would like to exchange for the Astro Swap.

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How to Stake Astro Swap

Traders and investors willing to stake their Astro swap can actively stake their coin by visiting

To stake on this platform, you need to move your coin to Metamask as the platform does not support Trustwallet or any other wallet.

Once you transfer your coin to Metamask, click connect wallet and pick Metamask, select the wallet that the coin is in and click next.

Now that your wallet is connected to the platform, as you scroll down, you will see your balance and how much it would cost for the transaction to go through. You must also have some worth of BNB to cover the transactions fee.

At the bottom of the screen, you would see a small box to click, indicating that you have read and agreed to the conditions.

Once you click next, you will be presented with another box to input the amount of the Astro swap coin you would like to stake.

After putting the amount, click next. You will have to pass through two authorization to confirm the staking. The first one will request approval to stake your Astro coin; click next and confirm the charges for the transaction.

The second authorization would need you to approve the gas fees for staking, and then your Astro swap coin would be deposited into the staking contract.

After this authorization, you will get a success message showing that your token has been staked.

Astro Swap coin is a good crypto asset that traders and investors can consider investing and buying.

The opportunity to stake and earn rewards is another added advantage for one to claim. We hope this article will help you in purchasing the coin.

For all your questions and comments, kindly drop a message in our comment section.

Watch the video below to learn how to buy Astro Swap Coin:

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