How To Check AGSMEIS Loan Status Or Approval 2023

This article will discuss how to check AGSMEIS’s loan status or approval in 2023. AGSMEIS loan is a type of financial assistance made possible by the Central Bank of Nigeria to promote agricultural business in various areas of the country. This particular scheme is made available during a period of a pandemic.

Key Takeaways In This Article

• You will know more about AGSMEIS loans.
• You will determine how long it takes to process AGSMEIS loans.
• You will learn about the requirements for the NIRSAL AGSMEIS loan.
• Answers to frequently asked questions about AGSMEIS loans.

AGSMEIS's loan status

What Is AGSMEIS Loan?

AGSMEIS loan is a credit facility made by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) to empower different agricultural businesses across the country. This specific scheme is targeted at promoting agric businesses in the country.

Is AGSMEIS Loan Still Ongoing?

AGSMEIS loan is a scheme designed by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) to assist various agricultural-related businesses with the needed funds for usage.

The AGSMEIS loan is ongoing, and interested individuals can sign up. One can get up to N10 million as a loan with only a 5% interest rate without making a deposit.

How Do I Know If My AGSMEIS Loan Is Approved

Obtaining an AGSMEIS loan usually requires an individual to apply and provide some requirements. To determine if your AGSMEIS loan is approved, you must visit the AGSMEIS login page.

Once you get on the page, you must select the type of loan from either personal/housing or SME. After accessing your account with AGSMEIS, you will see if your loan is approved or still in process.

How Long Does It Take To Process AGSMEIS Loan

Before an AGSMEIS loan is issued to an individual, it usually passes through a specific process. This process starts with one’s application for the loan, then it gets to the submission stage, and finally, the disbursement stage. Getting an AGSMEIS loan typically takes 6 to 8 weeks to process.


No, AGSMEIS and NIRSAL are not the same. But there are incentives and schemes targeted at helping agricultural businesses with the funds to boost business activities. AGSMEIS and NIRSAL mainly focus on addressing the issues faced in the agricultural sector.

How To Check AGSMEIS Loan Status Or Approval 2023

Individuals interested in obtaining AGSMEIS loans must apply directly through their website. Those who submit their loan applications will get an SMS with a link to the NMFB portal.

To check the approval, they would need to visit the official page of AGSMEIS and then choose the type of loan. To verify an account with AGSMEIS, one must enter their BVN and receive an amount on the next page.

One can click on it to fully complete the loan application process. Once approved, you will be redirected to another page where you must provide your bank details and agree to the terms and conditions.

Requirements For The NIRSAL AGSMEIS Loan

Before looking to obtain a NIRSAL AGSMEIS loan, one would need to fulfill some basic requirements. Below are some of the requirements for the NIRSAL AGSMEIS loan.

• A duly completed application form.
• Proof of registration of business name or certificate of incorporation.
• Bank Verification Number (BVN).
• Introduction letter from a village head, traditional ruler, senior civil servant, or district head.
• Provision of current Tax Clearance Certificate (TCC) and Tax Identification Number (TIN) where applicable.
• Possession of training certificate from a recognized Entrepreneurship Development Institution (EDI).

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AGSMEIS loan is a credit faciliy issued to help various agricultural businesses. One can consider this government-approved loan to boost their agricultural business sufficiently.

We hope this article provides enough information on how to check AGSMEIS loan status or approval. Kindly visit our comment section for your views and opinions.


Below are the frequently asked questions and answers on how to check AGSMEIS loan status.

How Long Does It Take To Process AGSMEIS Loan?

It takes between 6 and 8 weeks for an AGSMEIS loan to get processed.

Is AGSMEIS Loan Still On?

Yes, the AGSMEIS loan is still on.

How Do I Activate My NMFB Account Number?

You need to download the mobile app, click on “Sign Up,” enter your NIRSAL MFB account and then click on the “Register” button. After this, you will be permitted to generate a pin and password.

What Is The Maximum Amount For AGSMEIS Loan?

The maximum amount for an AGSMEIS loan is N10 million naira.

How Do I Know If My AGSMEIS Loan Is Approved?

You need to log in to AGSMEIS, decide on the loan type, verify your account, and confirm.

How Do I Access My AGSMEIS Loan?

To access your AGSMEIS loan, you need to log in to your account with AGSMEIS.

What Is The New Portal For AGSMEIS Loan?

The new portal for AGSMEIS loan is

How Do I Access My NIRSAL Agriculture Loan?

You need a letter of employment, pay slip, staff ID card, utility bill, 2 passports, and 6 month’s statement of bank account to access the NIRSAL agricultural loan.

How Do I Get My NIRSAL Account Number?

To get your NIRSAL account number, you need to contact NMFB.

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